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How do you get good search engine rankings?

good search engine rankings

How do you get good search engine rankings?

A question that we as an SEM agency often encounter: How do I manage to be visible as a company in the top ranking positions and get visitors to my own website? In this blog post we would like to go into the possibilities that you have to appear in the front rankings: Let’s go, with our experience as a search engine agency , we will clarify!

Benefits of good search engine rankings

Placements in the top positions of the search engine have a decisive advantage: they ensure relevant new customers. Potential new customers and users of the search engine trust the search engine results and assume that the results are highly relevant to you.

Thus, the top placements are to be considered as recommendations. If the target page is then prepared accordingly, it can be assumed with a high degree of probability that the still unknown website user will become a potential lead. In the long term, good search engine positions secure the new customer acquisition process and help to ensure that companies are provided with new and relevant contacts in the long term.

Top rankings with SEM

Good search engine rankings do not come by themselves. In the context of marketing, there are two ways to achieve good rankings. The first option is to achieve rankings using search engine optimization (SEO) and the other option is to place targeted ads in the search engine with search engine ads (SEA) .

Search engine rankings with SEA

In the short term, relevant search engine rankings can be achieved faster with ads. The rankings in the paid search area are based on two factors: the maximum click price that the advertiser is willing to pay per click and the so-called quality factor . The Quality Score describes the relationship between the relevance of a keyword and an ad to the landing page.

In essence, it is about a well thought-out approach to ad placement in order to achieve a high quality factor. The quality score then has the decisive advantage that with a high quality score the costs for the ad placement can be reduced. The quality factor is therefore decisive for the success of the advertising campaign and the available advertising budget.

Search engine rankings with SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming more and more relevant and is becoming increasingly important. The long-term optimization of one’s own website for high search engine ranks is significantly more difficult to influence than search engine advertisements.

Basically, targeted search engine optimization is about creating relevance. The ultimate goal of website operators should be the development of relevant subpages that represent the best (elaborated) result for the optimized search term. To optimize the website, there are 2 sub-areas into which the systematic optimization can be divided: OnPage and OffPage optimization.

As part of OnPage optimization, it is about the optimized presentation of, for example, meta data (meta title + meta description) , the internal link and over 200 other relevant factors.

Off -page optimization, on the other hand, aims to build relevant links to the website with the aim of increasing the authority and importance of the website for the search engine.


Good search engine rankings have decisive advantages for companies: They provide new customers who are looking for a suitable product / service in the search engine. Companies should attach importance to good search engine rankings early on and recognize the value for themselves.

With good rankings, new customer acquisition becomes a sure-fire success. We would be happy to support you!

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