Google Ads Spy Tool 2023 | Competitor Analysis

Google Ads Spy Tool

What is the Google Ads Spy Tool? In the last few years, the Google ads platform has become more transparent towards advertisers and their business operations. Google has enabled users to make decisions about the ads they view online by displaying different information about advertisers: Company name Company location The ads run by the advertiser […]

How To Create Google Audio Ads 2023

Why are Audio Ads so important? Google Audio Ads are now available to all advertisers. Google Audio Ads are designed to reach listeners of streaming music and podcasts on YouTube. Ads on podcasts can be very useful as people pay close attention when listening to podcasts. According to Acast research 64% of responders pay full […]

Google Ads Extensions

When you run ads on Google Search, you obviously want them to be seen. The more visibility, the better. Since meaningful titles and texts alone are often not enough to make your ads more eye-catching and visible, you should add extensions to them. Ad extensions affect the size of your ads, which has a positive […]

What are Google search operators?

What are Google search operators and what purpose do they serve? In this blog post, we will explain this question and provide some useful practical examples for search engine optimizations. First, let’s clarify what Google search operators are and why they are important. Google Search Operators – Introduction In short, Google search operators are search […]