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Voucher strategy in affiliate marketing generates more sales

The affiliate marketing program has started and the first sales are coming in. Since the strategic development of the affiliate campaign is a process, the performance of the campaign is now being analyzed. Considerations are now being made as to how the affiliate campaign can be further optimized.

There are a few adjustment screws to improve performance in affiliate marketing . One of them is the targeted use of vouchers. In this blog post, we will show you how to properly use coupons for your affiliate campaign and thus increase performance without cannibalizing sales. Here we go!

Coupon codes in affiliate marketing: Makes shops go wild

The voucher search is indispensable in the ordering process. Customer expectations continue to grow. More and more vouchers and discounts are being offered by online shops. Advertisers are now annoyed about this because they only incur additional costs here.

The merchant (advertiser) sees no added value for his shop in the provision of vouchers. In practice, the customer is already looking for a voucher during the ordering process or at the latest at the end. Because here he discovered the field “Redeem voucher”. Now a voucher for the shop is googled.

If he does not find a voucher, the order is sent. However, if a voucher code is offered, the costs for the merchant arise. No direct advertising service was provided by the publisher, but the commission is due. Therefore, the voucher affiliates should be remunerated with a lower commission.

The use of voucher codes in affiliate marketing only taps into customers very late in the sales funnel and is therefore the subject of controversial discussion. In order for voucher codes to generate added value for the shop, a voucher should be used in a targeted manner.

The general waiver of a voucher is not recommended. Vouchers with added value are part of the strategic planning of your affiliate marketing campaign , as vouchers can contribute to the actual purchase decision and form the final incentive for the transaction

Attractive vouchers with added value in affiliate marketing

In my daily work, the question of attractive vouchers keeps coming up. What should the vouchers look like, what should be offered?

Here are some examples of voucher codes that you can set up quickly and easily in your shop system:

  • “Order free of shipping costs” – voucher
    Do you want higher shopping baskets? Then grant the discount from a minimum order value.
  • Selling from a specific category? Then just create the code on the category.
  • Subject-related orders: spring, summer, product, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Easter etc.
  • Incentive to subscribe to the newsletter
  • Branded Coupons
  • You want new customers? Then limit the voucher to new customers
  • More exciting promotions, specials etc.

Vouchers can contain discounts in % or €. Decide the term of the vouchers. Here we recommend starting with short terms of 2-3 months. When planning, take into account that the affiliates’ voucher portals also receive a commission.

More voucher traffic for your online shop

Increase your traffic with an individual voucher strategy. The enormous reach of the voucher affiliates will support you in this. Attractive vouchers and voucher portals increase the average shopping cart and your conversion rate. Inform your affiliates partners regularly about your planned campaigns.

Conditions for voucher affiliates

In affiliate marketing you will find different condition models. The use of vouchers in affiliate marketing causes additional costs for the merchant. Here, however, the added value for the affiliate model should be monetized. Reduce or increase affiliate commissions for vouchers?

Tip: Start with a lower commission and analyze the results. You can make upward adjustments at any time.

Voucher portals are very popular with customers, but are not a cost-effective advertising option for merchants.

Offer exclusive vouchers & discounts?

It is always worth taking a look at successful publishers in the affiliate campaign . Offer attractive voucher campaigns via high-revenue publishers. Working with selected voucher partners is a win-win situation for both sides. The voucher affiliate may advertise an exclusive voucher. The merchant can use the possibility of a high-reach campaign for his advertising.

The accruing commission for the affiliate can be agreed individually. With this voucher strategy, the network commission is incurred in addition to the affiliate commission. An exact calculation is required for the merchant because the margin is getting smaller.

Tip: Exclusive vouchers & discounts for strong voucher publishers are a calculation model that is worthwhile.

Conclusion on affiliate marketing

Coupons & discounts in affiliate marketing are controversial. Voucher campaigns are part of every affiliate marketing strategy and should not be underestimated. Develop your individual voucher strategy and use the reach of the voucher portals for your company.

Measure the performance of affiliate marketing campaigns and make decisions for more traffic and more sales. in your store.

We would be happy to support you in planning your affiliate marketing measures. Simply use the following contact form to get in touch .

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