Meta descriptions for websites / online shops

meta descriptions for websites

The perfect meta description: How it works! Why meta data for my website? Only with meta data will your advertising messages be visible in the SERPs of the search engine. Without meta data, the search engine generates its own meta data from the existing content of the website. Metadata in the form of a meta title and a meta […]

Mobile SEO: Better findability on mobile devices

What is mobile SEO, and how do I influence the ranking on mobile devices? User behavior on the Internet is shifting more and more in the direction of mobile devices. The use of desktop variants is not decreasing, but more and more users are using their free time for mobile research. In this blog post, we […]

Local SEO: Be found better locally

local seo

What does Local SEO mean? Local SEO is a special type of search engine optimization (SEO) . With local SEO, local and regional companies can position themselves more successfully inGoogle search results. Due to constant changes in Google’s algorithms, local search in Google’s search engine is becoming increasingly important. About 30% of all searches have a local background. How important is […]

Content marketing strategy for lasting results

content marketing strategy for lasting results

Content Marketing Strategy: A Guide to Creation Content marketing can be a significant unique selling proposition for companies. With high-quality content that is relevant to the target group, companies have the opportunity to position themselves in the hearts of the target group and increase their visibility not only on social media but also in search […]

OffPage SEO: More backlinks for your website

offpage seo more backlinks for your website

Off-page SEO: Better rankings with backlinks! Off-page optimization is one of the two important pillars of search engine optimization and helps websites be found better in search engines, so more relevant users visit the website. In addition to on-page optimization, the off-page area of search engine optimization is important for the success of a website. In this blog […]

Online Marketing Strategies

Online marketing strategies for digital success Online marketing is a wide field with different optimization fields. Companies are given various opportunities to contact customers and thus acquire new customers for their own company. However, a lot of potential is often left unattended at this point if the individual online marketing measures do not mesh and no sustainable synergies are […]

Technical SEO for your website

technical seo for your website

It’s all in the technology: Technical SEO under the magnifying glass Content, content, content…of course, the importance of content is increasing more and more, but even the best content can only rank with difficulty if the technology does not form the best basis. For this reason, in this blog post, we will give you a […]

SEO Off-Page Optimization

More SEO performance with off-page optimization Off-page optimization of a website is one of the two mainstays of search engine optimization. In addition to on-page optimization, off-page optimization is one of the key optimization areas where website operators can actively influence the ranking of their own website in the search engines. In this blog post, we report […]

SEO on-page analysis

seo on page analysis

Why is on-page analysis so important for SEO? On-page optimization is one of the two crucial pillars of search engine optimization and helps websites be found better in search engines. In addition to off-page optimization, on-page SEO is an area in which the webmaster can carry out many optimizations himself on the page and thus optimize the search […]

Google ranking factors

google ranking factors

Google Ranking Factors: Tips for Better Rankings The term “search engine ranking” describes the order of the search results in the search engine. The ranking is evaluated and determined by so-called ranking factors. The market leader, “Google,” currently has over 200 ranking factors .In order to achieve better visibility in the Google search engine, it is essential to optimize […]