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Our Values

The value of time

Our time is limited. Our time in the office. Our free time. It might sound tough but even our lifetime. Therefore, it is important to use the time available to us sensibly and to treat the time of our colleagues and customers with respect. We make your time meaningful!

We play fair

Fairness towards our stakeholders is our highest priority. Regardless of whether it is competition, customers or colleagues, we are fair. Fairness is not to be confused with weakness. It rather refers to our statements and the ability to keep our word.

We are the team

Everyone likes to flag the "Team" value, but only a few live by team spirit. This however does not apply to SaphirSolution. We are aware that we can only outperform the competition as a team. Individual services are only valuable in the orchestration of our measures. In terms of cooperation, we as a team communicate and put our common goals at the center of the discussion. We show understanding for each other and seek common solutions, because we carry the search for solutions in our company name.

We are not discriminating

We make no distinction between people. No matter what differentiates you, for us these differences do not exist.

Non-emotional communication

Emotions have a place only in our advertising. Our communication is ALWAYS efficient. While looking for a solution, we put our personal emotions aside when it comes to solving customer problems. We communicate with an open heart.

Challenging yesterday

Rewards to us do not come from SaphirSolution. We are driven by our customers, who invest added value in our expertise and relentlessness. We bring solutions for all types of digital marketing and knowledge is the most valuable currency to us. You have the power to improve our performance. It keeps us competitive and helps us to further develop.

Open eye and helping hand

We have our eyes open every time our colleagues need support. We resonate with you and proactively offer our assistance.

We trust

Our key to success is trusting our knowledge. We have faith in the expertise and reliability of our colleagues. Respect for the achievements of our colleagues plays a major role at SaphirSolution.

Be proactive

We are proactive in identifying and addressing new opportunities for our projects. We don’t react; we act and get involved proactively in the development of our projects!

Take responsibility

We take responsibility in our field, for our customers, our colleagues and the costs incurred.