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Successful search engine advertising

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Secrets of successful search engine advertising

Search engines are a good way to bring interested users to your website and to draw attention to offers and services. In this blog post, we would like to take a closer look at the possibilities of search engine advertising and give you an insight into the targeted placement of search engine ads . Here we go!

Search Engine Advertising: Search Engine Advertising

The English term Search Engine Advertising (SEA for short) describes paid advertising with the aim of reaching more users via the search engine. Unlike in organic search engine optimization , budgets are used to buy advertising space in the search engines with the aim of achieving more reach for relevant and product-related offers.

Search engine advertising is part of search engine marketing (Search Engine Marketing = SEM), which, in addition to search engine optimization, ensures users on their own website. So what makes successful search engine advertising? As a search engine agency, we clarify:

Successful search engine advertising

The basis for successful search engine advertising is well-founded tracking and well thought-out web analysis in order to be able to measure and evaluate the results. Without suitable tracking of the successes, no conclusions can be drawn about the success of campaigns in the SEA area. This makes tracking and conversion tracking, in particular, an elementary part of successful search engine advertising.

But campaigns in the field of search engine advertising do not optimize themselves. Only through regular optimization does the experience curve grow. The optimization excludes, for example, keywords, locations, or times at which high costs are incurred, but no conversions are measured. The continuous optimization process of search engine advertising results in a targeted allocation of the advertising budget, which helps companies increase their own ROI over the long term via the search engine advertising channel.

Search engine advertising: the possibilities

The most well-known way to place search engine advertising is via Google AdWords. With a market share of almost 90% in Germany, Google is the undisputed market leader in the field of search engine advertising . This is where you encounter the largest search volumes, but also the greatest competition. Especially in the last few years, you could literally watch the click prices grow as the competition for individual keywords increased.

In addition to Google AdWords, Bing Ads is also an interesting provider of search engine advertising. Although Bing Ads only has a market share of just under 10%, advertisers currently expect significantly less competition there. For this reason, based on our experience, the click prices are up to 30% lower than with Google AdWords. For this reason, it makes sense to plan part of the budget for search engine advertising with Bing Ads.

Search engine advertising: How does search engine advertising work?

The ranking positions are assigned based on two factors: the maximum click price and the quality factor. The maximum click price is set by the advertiser or, depending on the bidding process, by the search engine itself. You can actively influence the quality factor by: It is not only important for the search engine to place ads but also to place relevant ads and to help the user with the placement of search engine advertising . With this in mind, the ads should always answer a search intent and lead to the right landing page.

Formats in search engine advertising

For example , Google AdWords can be used not only to place search engine ads in the form of text ads, but also for display ads in the Google Display Network (GDN). You can not only convince with text ads, but also draw the user’s attention to your offer with banner ads, which appear on relevant websites in the GDN.

In addition to the normal ad formats, AdWords and Bing offer the opportunity to address website visitors again. With so-called remarketing, interested users can be identified, addressed, and reactivated outside of your own website.

Dynamic ad formats are also becoming more popular with advertisers, since such an advertising format also covers longer search queries consisting of several keywords (long-tail keywords), and one becomes visible for such search queries in the search engines.

Conclusion on search engine advertising

Search engine advertising is a way for many companies to place sustainable advertising on the Internet. However, one should not underestimate the know-how required. Budgets are quickly burned out by incorrect settings. Against this background, it is advisable to work with a professional AdWords agency. We would be happy to support you in setting up a suitable strategy for your search engine advertising. We look forward to hearing from you!

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