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Sebastian Denzin

Sebastian Denzin

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Frederic Renard

Head of Business Development

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Anna-Lena Balling

Online Marketing Consultant

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Alessa Schmitz

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Patrick Zens

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Rene Güttler

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Timo Hürten

Manager Customer Success

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Since its founding in 2012, SaphirSolution has grown steadily. We are currently a team of 60 people spread across two countries with plans for further expansion in Europe. We provide multiple performance marketing services to small companies and big corporations.

Here at SaphirSolution, we are proud of all our projects, small and big.

We support a variety of clients: startups that just started and want to scale up and grow, established companies that want to digitalize their marketing, and big players such as Volvo, Polestar or Peugeot that want to optimize their digital marketing performance.

We are a full-service performance marketing agency.
We offer assistance throughout the entire customer journey: from concept, to building a website, to running marketing campaigns, to increasing sales and leads.

Our services include: SEO, paid ads (search, social media), social media management, affiliate marketing, web development, web analytics, marketplace optimization.
Our teams work together on identifying problems and developing solutions not only within their own field of work but also in other marketing channels. We build up synergies between departments.

We consider ourselves your partner, an extended arm of your marketing department. Much more than a client – service provider relationship.
We offer you support wherever and whenever is needed. Here our full-service approach becomes important as we have specialists for every online marketing field in our team.
Our goal is for you to focus on the strategy and growth of your company and outsource operational tasks to us. Together, we set up the correct online marketing strategy for you.

When it comes to Newsletter Marketing, do it right!

Email marketing offers companies good opportunities to bind existing customers to their own brand and to monetize them through the customer lifetime value. A long recipient list ensures highly relevant traffic just a click away. Targeting the customer by email is the primary goal of newsletter marketing and determines the success of newsletter campaigns. Together with you, we identify the potential of your existing recipient list and develop a strategy for consistent email marketing in order to generate new newsletter recipients.

Newsletter Marketing Agency

Targeted newsletter campaigns turn one-time buyers and interested parties into customers. Targeted campaigns increase sales rates and make newsletter marketing particularly interesting for online shops.

The ultimate goal of newsletter marketing is a high opening, click and conversion rate, which can be achieved by targeting the newsletter to a specific group. In this sense we cluster the heterogeneous target group into homogeneous subgroups. This makes newsletters more relevant to your customers and your newsletter campaigns more successful.

From concept to campaign planning

As an online marketing agency, we take care of newsletters from concept to campaign planning in order to ensure the optimal performance of your newsletter marketing.

Not only do we advise you strategically on planning the newsletter, we also implement the newsletter at an operational level. Contact us now and successfully launch your newsletter!

How can we make your newsletter marketing more effective?

We address your customers in a personalized way.

Adapting the design of the newsletter to match your corporate identity and optimizing it for click-through rates

Analyze the newsletter campaigns and find potential for optimization.

We connect by integrating social media components into your newsletter.

Helping you generate new newsletter recipients in a legally compliant manner.

Our goals in newsletter marketing

Our primary goal is to monetize existing customers; therefore, we pay attention to your sales at every stage. Nevertheless, we do not want to annoy your customers with emails. We want to add value to them so that they are happy to open the newsletter because exciting offers, tips and advice about the product are awaiting them. The creation of such added value makes our newsletter marketing consistent and offers an interface to your content marketing. Email marketing is not only a performance channel, in fact it leads to better brand awareness among customers.

Have we piqued your interest in newsletter marketing? – Then do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form below. We will immediately process your request, free of charge.

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