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Since its founding in 2012, SaphirSolution has grown steadily. We are currently a team of 60 people spread across two countries with plans for further expansion in Europe. We provide multiple performance marketing services to small companies and big corporations.

Here at SaphirSolution, we are proud of all our projects, small and big.

We support a variety of clients: startups that just started and want to scale up and grow, established companies that want to digitalize their marketing, and big players such as Volvo, Polestar or Peugeot that want to optimize their digital marketing performance.

We are a full-service performance marketing agency.
We offer assistance throughout the entire customer journey: from concept, to building a website, to running marketing campaigns, to increasing sales and leads.

Our services include: SEO, paid ads (search, social media), social media management, affiliate marketing, web development, web analytics, marketplace optimization.
Our teams work together on identifying problems and developing solutions not only within their own field of work but also in other marketing channels. We build up synergies between departments.

We consider ourselves your partner, an extended arm of your marketing department. Much more than a client – service provider relationship.
We offer you support wherever and whenever is needed. Here our full-service approach becomes important as we have specialists for every online marketing field in our team.
Our goal is for you to focus on the strategy and growth of your company and outsource operational tasks to us. Together, we set up the correct online marketing strategy for you.

What is Amazon SEO?

Amazon SEO deals with all the optimization measures that aim to improve organic ranking. Since, in most cases, user interaction on Amazon starts with the search input, optimization for the best places in terms of findability begins here as well.

Since almost all sales take place on the first product page after a search input, the simplified goal of Amazon search engine optimization (Amazon SEO) is to ensure that your own products are visible to interested customers and have better rankings than the competition. In order to achieve this, Amazon SEO takes complex relevance factors into account and attempts to influence them positively.

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What are the Amazon SEO Relevance Factors?

As per Amazon SEO and associated on-page optimization, it is important to optimally meet the expectations of buyers when searching for products. It is essential to adapt your own product data as accurately as possible in accordance with Amazon’s requirements.

Product Title

The product title, or product name, has the greatest relevance in terms of findability. Various factors must be taken into account during the optimization such as: the compliance with Amazon style guides, the level of information for customers and the placement of high-performance search terms. In addition, it is also important to choose a healthy number of keywords and to avoid keyword stuffing, as Amazon does not like it.

Bullet Points

The bullet points (Amazon attributes) provide the customer with the first detailed information about the product and are the first source of information to be seen on the product detail page after the title and the product images. Additional relevant keywords are placed within the available bullet points (5 fields for most categories) and the main key features and USPs of the product are presented in a simple form. When optimizing the bullet points, attention must be paid to the selection of high-performance keywords as well as a clear and sales-promoting structure of the product information.


The search terms, also called keywords, search terms or back-end keywords, are important keywords that are placed in the backend of the respective article. These keywords are not visible to the customer, but they play an immensely important role in the indexing and searchability of the listing and should therefore be selected based on data and in a targeted manner.

Product Images

Contrary to the previously mentioned relevance factors, Amazon listing images are an optical component and, in most cases, the first thing the customer notices when looking at the product. The product images can decide whether the potential customer continues to look at the product or whether he leaves the page. For this reason, when creating and selecting the product images, it is important to pay attention to important details such as the product image request from Amazon. It is also important to design a well-thought-out image setup that arouses the customer’s interest and encourages him to continue viewing the product.

Product Description

In addition to bullet points, the product description offers another opportunity to convince customers of the benefits of the product and is another area for placing SEO-relevant keywords. In contrast to the bullet points, relevant product advantages can be further explained within the product description, persuading doubting customers to make a final purchase. For manufacturers and brands who have registered their brand with Amazon, there is also the possibility to publish a so-called A+ content with extended text and graphic design options in addition to creating a standard HTML product description.

Product Information

With the extended product information, sellers have the opportunity to store essential product features and additional information separately. This includes important information such as size, material, ingredients, compatibilities and much more. The product information can play an important role in the customer’s purchase decision and can be often decisive when customers filter their search query according to certain criteria.

Performance advertising with Amazon PPC

In order to have a positive trend sale on Amazon and to be able to assert oneself against the enormous competition from other suppliers with optimized product data, a basic optimization is often no longer sufficient to automatically appear at the top of the search results. Especially for new listings, factors such as sales history and ratings play an important role.

The professional set up of Amazon Ads enables you to make your products visible to the customer through paid advertisements. Amazon Advertising works according to the PPC principle (pay-per-click), which means that each advertisement only generates costs if it is clicked by the users. Depending on the account status, Amazon offers retailers the opportunity to run different advertising formats and to place themselves in different positions in the search result lists.

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Product Ads are the most frequently used form of advertising on Amazon and allow you to significantly increase the visibility of your products through targeted placements in the search result lists as well as on competing product detail pages. The selection of the advertising placements is based on a targeted match of customer search terms or existing third-party ASINs in the Amazon product data catalog.

Sponsored Brands

In contrast to sponsored product ads, the main focus of sponsored brand ads is targeted advertising measures to increase awareness of the brand and product portfolio. Sponsored Brand Ads are only available to sellers or manufacturers with a successfully registered brand (Amazon Brand Registry). It enables additional design and placement elements for the ads, such as the selection of your own logo, the integration of product videos and linking the product to the Amazon brand shop or landing page.

Sponsored Display Ads

With the Sponsored Display Ads, Amazon offers the possibility of having other placement areas and criteria taken into account when displaying the ads. This type of ad can be placed either product- or interest-based and can be placed on product detail pages, on search result pages or outside of the Amazon marketplace. In contrast to the other two PPC advertising formats, sponsored product ads offer the possibility of including the customer’s interests, known purchasing behavior and previous search queries in the selection of placements.

Further advertising measures

In addition to PPC advertising, the marketplace offers sellers and vendors a number of other advertising options in the form of discount and voucher campaigns or participation in so-called Deal Days such as Prime Day or Black Friday.

What options do I have as a manufacturer on Amazon?

All manufacturers or owners of a private label who have successfully registered their brand on Amazon have extended options for presenting their products. The so-called extended brand content allows brand owners to build up a brand concept within Amazon and thus ensure a professional appearance and stronger customer loyalty. Various design options such as Amazon A+ Content (EBC – Enhanced Brand Content) or the creation of an Amazon Brand Store allow you to present in detail your own brand history and the special features and advantages of your own products.

Amazon A+ Content

In contrast to a standard HTML product description for product listings, which is limited to a maximum of 2,000 characters, when creating A+ content, sellers are able to present significantly more content and unique selling points and to design them graphically. This is a great advantage, especially when the product to be sold needs a more in-depth explanation or has a technical design. The use of an A+ content can lead to more visitors, a higher conversion rate and thus an increase in sales and turnover due to the product detail page and the detailed information about the product, which are much more appealing to the customer. Additionally, informative product description leads to a clear product presentation for the customer, which results in a significantly lower return rate.

Amazon Brand Store

The design of an Amazon Brand Store offers brand owners on Amazon the opportunity to present their brand website within Amazon. The brand store also enables you to provide the product portfolio with numerous design options such as texts, graphics and videos and thus to build up your own brand message according to your corporate design. Each brand shop has its own brand URL which can be linked to the brand store, advertised externally and used for cross-selling.

Amazon FBA Management

For all retailers or manufacturers who either have no warehouse for their products or want to get rid of the storage and the associated warehouse logistics, Amazon offers the FBA program: Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA for short). It allows direct storage and shipping processing by Amazon itself which, depending on the product, can bring several benefits.

Is Amazon FBA program worth joining?

No shipping infrastructure, a lower need for employees, Amazon Prime, buy box, easy development of international Amazon marketplaces, trust and customer satisfaction can all play an important role when considering the participation in the FBA program. The extent to which participation can represent a sales advantage and whether the cost structure associated with FBA makes sense varies from product to product and requires a precise analysis of the respective sales situation.

Amazon Vendor Program

Another sales opportunity for manufacturers on Amazon is the so-called Amazon vendor program. Participation in the Amazon Vendor Program is reserved exclusively for product manufacturers and requires an invitation from Amazon. In contrast to the Amazon seller program, you no longer appear as the seller of the goods, but sell your goods directly to Amazon, which then offers the products for sale on its own. Under the right conditions, the vendor program can also bring advantages such as Amazon Prime, greater reach and additional customer trust. However, as for Amazon FBA, it should be analyzed in detail in order to decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Account problems and how we can help you

Every seller active on Amazon knows the problems and hurdles that ongoing business on Amazon can entail. Listings are blocked, proof is requested, product pages are not displayed correctly. Sometimes, it is difficult to assess the right approach to the problem. As Amazon experts, we provide support for all Amazon problems and help you implement the right measures depending on the problem.

Develop international markets with Amazon

Would you like to take the next step and offer your product range to international buyer groups? Thanks to Amazon internationalization, numerous other marketplaces such as the UK, France, Spain, Italy, the USA, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Japan and the UAE are available to you as a retailer. As a full-service Amazon agency, we support you right from the start with advice on the marketplace-specific conditions and carry out the market launch. We also have the know-how and the means to carry out marketing concepts and optimizations for foreign-language target countries.

What are the first steps as a new Amazon merchant?

Starting sales on Amazon can be a major hurdle, especially for retailers without Amazon experience. As a full-service Amazon agency, we support new Amazon retailers during the start-up phase, take care of the professional setup of the seller account and offer strategic and ongoing account management services. Furthermore, we individually tailor the situation to the customers’ needs.

Benefit from our workshop specialists

Would you like to deepen the Amazon topic in your company and develop the know-how and skills of your employees? For companies, brands or manufacturers who are already active on Amazon, our Amazon seminars are an opportunity to develop employees’ existing Amazon knowledge, to improve and promote internal work processes and develop new subject areas. Depending on the company situation, our Amazon experts are able to individually coordinate the subject areas of the training courses and to offer compact or modular intensive recommendations. Based on your concerns we will develop a holistic training concept for your Amazon company.

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