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Remarketing & Retargeting: Address users again


Remarketing and Retargeting: Get potential customers back

One possibility to advertise on the Internet is via measures that are controlled via remarketing or retargeting. It’s a very simple principle: Reach out to the visitors who already know you and have shown that they are interested in you.
The principle is already being used by some stationary shops, such as bakeries.

With discount and bonus cards, the customer has the opportunity to save on multiple purchases. A win-win situation: The baker not only binds his customers with his product but also with a discount, and the customer saves with his “loyalty discount “.

The principle of remarketing on the Internet is similar, except that we, as advertisers, have many more options. We want to take a look at that in this blog post. Here we go!

Remarketing vs. Retargeting

Remarketing and retargeting are often used interchangeably. In principle, both languages describe the same principle: It is about reactivating a user who was on our website and carried out a certain action and bringing them back to their own website. The following user actions can be interesting for an advertiser, for example:

The user looked at eight websites in the session and is interested in the content. Possible remarketing goal: subscription to the newsletter

The user has placed items in the shopping cart but has not bought them.
Possible remarketing goal: reminder of the shopping cart

The user came to the website via Xing and is probably not yet a Facebook fan.
Possible remarketing goal: gain a Facebook fan.

The user buys a grill.
Possible remarketing: objective: cross-selling with barbecue accessories

It quickly becomes apparent that there are enormous opportunities to use remarketing profitably for your own company. Various channels can also be used for remarketing measures.

For example, it is not only possible to address potential customers with banner advertising via Google AdWords, but there is also the possibility to reactivate former website visitors via Facebook Ad .

The remarketing strategy

As great as the possibilities sound, remarketing should be done well. Showing ads too often gives the user the feeling of being followed, which can have a negative impact on brand perception. With the help of frequency capping, the display frequency per unit of time should be limited so that users do not feel “persecuted” by too frequent advertisements.

In addition, one should think carefully about the target groups addressed when remarketing measures are taken:

Who do I want to reach and why? Different advertising formats have different influences on the user. So it can be interesting to appear as an instream ad on YouTube or to have a higher ranking position if the customer is looking for our products generically. – A clustering of the different remarketing goals helps advertisers keep track.

Conclusion: Use remarketing efficiently.

Remarketing is a good way to optimize online marketing activities, as it is easier to win over convinced users as customers. For this reason, remarketing and the consideration of getting users back on the website are part of every well-thought-out online marketing strategy!

Talk to your potential customers, even if they are already on another platform. Users’ attention increases when they see a brand or product they have seen before. This recognition value increases the chance of bringing customers back to your website. Reach your potential customers with remarketing; we will help you!

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