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Sebastian Denzin

Sebastian Denzin

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Alena Große Lordemann

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Katrin Hens

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Since its founding in 2012, SaphirSolution has grown steadily. We are currently a team of 60 people spread across two countries with plans for further expansion in Europe. We provide multiple performance marketing services to small companies and big corporations.

Here at SaphirSolution, we are proud of all our projects, small and big.

We support a variety of clients: startups that just started and want to scale up and grow, established companies that want to digitalize their marketing, and big players such as Volvo, Polestar or Peugeot that want to optimize their digital marketing performance.

We are a full-service performance marketing agency.
We offer assistance throughout the entire customer journey: from concept, to building a website, to running marketing campaigns, to increasing sales and leads.

Our services include: SEO, paid ads (search, social media), social media management, affiliate marketing, web development, web analytics, marketplace optimization.
Our teams work together on identifying problems and developing solutions not only within their own field of work but also in other marketing channels. We build up synergies between departments.

We consider ourselves your partner, an extended arm of your marketing department. Much more than a client – service provider relationship.
We offer you support wherever and whenever is needed. Here our full-service approach becomes important as we have specialists for every online marketing field in our team.
Our goal is for you to focus on the strategy and growth of your company and outsource operational tasks to us. Together, we set up the correct online marketing strategy for you.

Your Social Media Marketing Agency

SaphirSolution is a dynamic and young 360° online marketing agency for high demands. We market and represent your business through your social media channels. We are experienced with all sub-disciplines and channels and thus ensure the best possible outcome in terms of follower numbers and engagement. We assist medium-sized to large companies from the B2C and B2B areas, especially in the social media field. We pay high attention when dealing with our customers in order to deliver professional work.

Additional benefits of our Social Media Agency

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is now part of any company’s marketing mix. If your company has not yet integrated social media marketing into its marketing mix or has not integrated it sufficiently, you should do it immediately. It’s never too late to start! Social media marketing includes all activities and measurements of different social media platforms. Different platforms are suitable depending on the goal and target group. Most of the time, companies use social media marketing to increase reach and brand awareness, as well as to engage and retain their followers and potential customers.

Why do you need Social Media Marketing?

Nowadays, social media has become an integral part of our everyday life. Social media networks register more than 500 million active users every day and the trend is increasing. On the platforms you can meet people with the most diverse demographic, age and background and you can easily find target groups for all kinds of products and services.
Targeted social media marketing increases brand awareness, promotes brand building and delivers great success which is measurable by numbers and KPIs in terms of followers, reach and impressions. It also serves as a digital business card for your company and can be an essential part of your corporate communication. It allows communication with the community and thus also with potential customers.
Social media marketing is also useful to keep an eye on the competition in order to be able to keep up with them. The content of the competition serves only as a benchmark, not as a template or copy for your own posts. You can also use social media marketing to decide exactly where you want to position your company and to which target group you want to display the content by choosing the social media channels that suit you and your company.

What does a Social Media Marketing Agency do?

As social media experts, we analyze your brand presence on all social media platforms. We create competitive analysis and determine where your social media presence currently stands. We perform target group analysis and build content strategies, by taking into account our customer objectives. Then we develop an editorial plan and set up the social media channels. Our work helps our customers gain relevant reach for the right target group in every social network.

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest or LinkedIn. We are your point of contact for organized and varied social media marketing. Our social media team assists you in every social media platform and helps your company draw attention. We develop a unique strategy for you, adapt individual concepts to your needs, and support you in creating and posting the content. Furthermore, our PPC team will also place paid ads for you if required.

Social Media in relation with Social Advertising

Paid ads on social media, also known as social ads, are our forte. We primarily want to enhance your social media presence and organically gain followers, reach or impressions. Social ads offer you the opportunity to address precisely the target group that you consider relevant on social media. With paid advertising on social media, you can also support and expand your social media presence. If you want to know more about paid ads, please contact us.

How much does Social Media Marketing cost?

The costs for maintaining your social media channels depend on various factors. This includes, for example, the number of channels that need to be managed, the current situation, the posts frequency and various extra factors. The price consists of all these factors. If you would like to know exact figures, contact us! Together we decide which services are right for you. We look forward to your contact!

Social Media Marketing – all the benefits to you

Holistic social media marketing consists of social media optimization (SMO) and social media advertising (SMA). While SMO services focus on interaction with the target group and relevance generation, SMA targets performance. For example, targeted Facebook advertising is used to address new customers and generate leads.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

As a social media marketing agency, we support you in the area of SMO within the framework of content marketing. We create content that is relevant for you, which interests you users and leads to target group interaction. We build an editorial plan for the term, create the content accordingly and integrate it into the overall online marketing strategy. Our goal is to have a comprehensive communication with the social media target group.

Social Media Advertising (SMA)

We are able to place relevant ads on social media networks or distribute your content as part of content seeding. As a Facebook advertising agency, we will find the relevant advertising formats for you and make your website visible to the target group. We can pursue various goals within the framework of social media advertising:

Find out more about our services in the field of social media advertising and come have a first non-binding discussion with us.

Social Media Marketing Training

As a social media marketing agency, we support our customers in the area of SMM. Moreover, we also provide training to employees in the area of social media marketing.

As part of the individual social media training courses, we will get you and your colleagues familiar with the following topics:

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