Remarketing & Retargeting: Address users again


Remarketing and Retargeting: Get potential customers back One possibility to advertise on the Internet is via measures that are controlled via remarketing or retargeting. It’s a very simple principle: Reach out to the visitors who already know you and have shown that they are interested in you.The principle is already being used by some stationary shops, such as bakeries. […]

Conversion Rate Optimization

conversion rate optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): What is it? The conversion rate describes the relationship between traffic and fulfilled website goals. Fulfilled website goals are, for example, the successful establishment of contact via a website contact form, the registration for the newsletter, or the fulfilment of another activity that can be measured, for example, via Google Analytics and is of business […]

Amazon alternatives: do they even exist?

amazon alternatives

Amazon achieved annual sales of approximately USD 280 billion in 2019, employs more than 800,000 people, and is constantly growing, making it the largest online retailer in the world. In the press, however, Amazon has been doing less well of late. Among other things, the working conditions in the shipping centres of the Internet giant and […]

Backlinks for the online shop

backlinks for online shops

This is how backlink building for online shops works. Buying backlinks is evil. Not only SEOs know that now, but also shop operators. The perfidious thing about this fact is that backlinks are still important for ranking positions. Those responsible for online shops are now desperately looking for sources for meaningful backlinks and corresponding strategies for building sustainable backlinks. In this article, […]

Internet search engines – function and working method

internet search engines

Internet search engines have become an essential part of Internet use. They provide us with information on almost every topic, and we now use them every day without even thinking about it. They are easy to use and provide the necessary orientation and information procurement on the Internet. But how does an Internet search engine work, and what are the differences? […]

Conversion rate optimization for B2B companies

conversion rate optimization b2b

CRO for B2B companies: more net from gross Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is an important measure to increase the profitability of your advertising activities (ROAS = Return on Advertising Spent). In this blog post, we want to deal with the optimization of the conversion rate, especially in the B2B environment, since the challenges in optimization differ significantly from the B2C area. The […]

10 tips for the Facebook Ads Manager


Facebook Ads Manager: 10 Tips for Everyday Life Facebook Ads are the drivers for successful online marketing performance. In this blog post, we will show you how you can use the Facebook Ads Manager profitably for your Facebook Ads Management. We have put together tips for you from our Facebook ad agency for everyday life. Here we go! Facebook […]

The USP in e-commerce

the usp in e-commerce

E-Commerce: Looking for the USP! Many online shops have no real strategy or direction. A large part of the incoming orders take place via the common trading platforms. However, brand inflation and increasing competition mean that the air in the e-commerce growth channel can also become tight, and the lead is becoming shorter. At this point, we ask online shops about […]

10 tips for your e-commerce online marketing

10 tips marketing

10 online marketing tips for your online shop Your own online shop lives off the daily traffic that visits it and, in the best case, converts it into your own offer. Online marketing is of crucial importance for the success of an online shop. Online marketing not only ensures more visitors to your own online shop but […]

User Experience Design (UXD) in the online shop

user experience design

User Experience Design (UXD): Decisive for the Online Shop A few years ago, it was still absolutely necessary to focus on usability, but today there is an increasing need to optimize your own online shop for user experience and thus to better convince the user. Thus, UXD measures are crucial for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). In this blog […]