eBay SEO – get started with Cassini search algorithm

ebay seo

eBay started out as an auction platform and has evolved over time into a marketplace with mostly fixed prices. The platform is now the second-largest marketplace in the world, and therefore, it is imperative for many sellers to sell there. eBay uses Cassini search algorithm for SEO. eBay has been using its own Cassini search algorithm […]

Amazon support: How to sell properly


Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world and has long since ceased to be an insider tip when it comes to selling products online. In Germany alone, there are over 18 million Amazon Prime customers who regularly pay to have their orders delivered faster. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to sell products on Amazon. The customer […]

The blog in the shop

The blog in the shop—this is how you bind your customers to your shop So-called blogs are also becoming more popular in e-commerce, and many shop operators decide to integrate a blog into their online shop and position themselves as experts in the industry. But does blogging make sense for every online shop, or is it a […]

SEO with JTL Dropper

seo with jtl dropper animation

What is the JTL dropper? The JTL Dropper is a very popular plugin among JTL shop owners. Dropper is mostly used to design dedicated landing pages on specific topics or to add specific content to product or category pages. So-called drops are used to integrate this content into the JTL shop. A drop can be simple text (plain), […]

SEO with Google Analytics

seo google analytics

SEO with Google Analytics: How it Works! Google Analytics is a powerful tool for targeted web analysis and for improving the usability of your own web projects. But Google Analytics can also help the optimizer with targeted information for targeted search engine optimization, and in some functions, it outshines some professional SEO software. In this blog post, we show […]

Professional keyword analysis

professional keyword analysis

Keyword Analysis: Sell more with the right keywords! Keywords are the gold of the search engine. Users communicate with keywords. They express their feelings, make purchase requests, and show an interest in science. As an online marketing manager, it is about understanding the customer and identifying the intention behind each keyword analysis in order to answer the […]

XML sitemap and SEO: What role does the sitemap play?

sitemap xml

XML Sitemap in SEO: We clarify! The term sitemap is often used in connection with target-oriented search engine optimization. In this blog post, we would like to give you an understanding of the XML sitemap and its benefits for search engine optimization and show you how you can use the XML sitemap profitably for your company. Here we go! The sitemap: […]

Images SEO

images seo

Successful in Google Images Search with Image SEO Not only the normal Google search can be a real traffic supplier, but also the Google image search can regularly provide new visitors for your own website. In this blog post, we show how you can use the Google image search specifically for your own online marketing and thus increase the organic […]

Canonical Tag

canonical tag

What is a canonical tag? The canonical tag is used when a website has so-called duplicate content. The canonical tag ensures that the website is marked with the leading content and that the page that use it is not indexed by the search engines. It is therefore an essential tool in the field of on-page optimization. The canonical tag is […]

Successful search engine advertising

google search engine on tablet

Secrets of successful search engine advertising Search engines are a good way to bring interested users to your website and to draw attention to offers and services. In this blog post, we would like to take a closer look at the possibilities of search engine advertising and give you an insight into the targeted placement of search […]