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AdWords Quality Score

adwords quality score

Improve the Adwords Quality Score

The success of Google Adwords campaigns in search engines and on the Google network depends on various success factors. In addition to the click price, the relevance of an ad matching the searched keyword has a high influence on the placement of the ad.

Google calls this relevance a “Quality Score“. In this article, we give you some useful tips to improve the Quality Score in Adwords. But before we start, we will give a brief explanation of why the quality factor is so important for a successful Adwords campaign and how the quality factor is composed. Here we go!

Why was Quality Score introduced in Adwords?

Before Google introduced Quality Score , Adwords ranked ads based on click prices and click rates. As a result, users were sometimes shown irrelevant ads that did not match their search intentions . To prevent this, the quality factor was introduced, which ensures that users only see relevant ads.

How is the quality factor composed?

The quality factor consists of various parts. Google defines three main criteria that influence Quality Score :

Expected click rate: Here, Google estimates the probability of a user clicking on an ad. Factors that influence the estimated click-through rate are the Adwords account’s past performance, click-through rates to date, and the account’s performance for the specific ad region.

Relevance of the ad: Google uses ad relevance to measure how well specified keywords match the ad. Google wants to ensure that ads are well suited to the needs and requests of users.

User Experience with the Landing Page: This factor describes how useful the ad’s landing page is for the user. Text on the landing page should match the keywords, and navigation and usability on the landing page should be easy.

Google shows the quality factor in the Adwords account using an internal KPI (Key Performance Indicator) on a scale of 1 to 10, with a value of 10 being very good and 1 being very bad. However, this can only serve as a rough guideline, as Google calculates internally with precise, dynamic quality factors.

What does a high quality score bring me?

The ad rank (AdRank) within Adwords is made up of the maximum set click price and the respective quality factor of the ad.

Ad Rank = Quality Score x Maximum Price per Click (CPC)

This means that using a high Quality Score will improve ad rank without having to set a higher click price. Therefore, the goal of any ad should be to achieve a high Quality Score .

How can I improve my Quality Score?

Here are some quick tips to improve the Quality Score of your Google Adwords ads:

Structure ad groups in small steps: Small and highly structured ad groups make it easier to find clear and relevant keywords and ad text for corresponding landing pages. This leads to higher ad relevance because keywords in smaller ad groups can be better optimized for specific advertising messages.

Adopt keywords in the ad text: This leads to a higher ad relevance factor, since the advertising message fits better with the keyword searched by the user.

Refining the ad text: Similar to the previous point, this increases the relevance of the ad to the keywords.

Refine landing page keywords and ad copy: Link the ad to specific landing pages that match the keywords. A common mistake is that advertisers link their ads to very generic landing pages, which can degrade the positive user experience. (Example: A user searches for “women’s jacket” and the ad links to the general landing page “women’s fashion” or “jackets”, It would be better if the ad linked directly to the “women’s jackets” category.)

Conclusion on the Adwords Quality Score

The Quality Score is an extremely important part of Google Adwords, and it is of great interest to every advertiser to optimize it. With an optimized quality factor, you can achieve very high AdRanks with low click prices. Start improving your Quality Scores now to optimize your ad ranks and reduce costs. We’ll gladly assist you. Feel free to contact us – we look forward to a first, non-binding conversation with you.

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