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Successful customer acquisition on the Internet

successful customer acquisition

Successful customer acquisition is the lifeblood of every company.

Classic sales or advertising are part of every successful company. Thoughts are given to the target groups and the communication in order to bring one’s service or one’s own products to the man or woman. Advertisements are placed in print advertising or on the radio. With slightly larger budgets, it may be possible to run TV ads. But what does successful, well-thought-out customer acquisition look like? In this blog post, we give you an insight into customer acquisition with the many possibilities that the Internet offers us today. Here we go!

Customer acquisition on the Internet: Sales 2.0

When talking about customer acquisition on the Internet, statements like “You have to be in the top ranking of Google with the most important keywords” go hand in hand with search engine optimization (SEO, for short). But the fact that there are many other ways to draw attention to yourself on the Internet is quickly forgotten.

In this blog post, we would like to sensitise you to the various channels of online marketing for successful customer acquisition and show you how you can use individual components of online marketing profitably for your company.

Customer acquisition with SEO

Search engine traffic is very exciting for businesses, as users are looking for a solution to a problem. That means these searches are specifically for your product or service. As a wedding photographer in the Cologne area, it is of course interesting for the search query “Cologne Wedding Photographer” to be among the top rankings and to be present for looking bridal couples. However, the wedding photographer is not the only one who finds the placement exciting, and the increasing competition means that Google has to rate the individual websites of the photographers. The evaluation is carried out by an algorithm and individual people (quality raters), who then determine the ranking position.

Such an assessment takes place several times a week. The search engine giant keeps a low profile when it comes to the evaluation criteria, and this is where SEO comes into play. SEO measures optimise the website for criteria with which Google evaluates the quality of the website. Google uses user behaviour as its top benchmark for ranking. The search engine evaluates the websites based on key figures such as session duration (how long does the visitor stay on the site?) Bounce rate (how quickly does the visitor leave the site again?) Average number of pages (how many subpages does the user look at?) Page content (How structured is the content of the page?) Links (How many incoming and relevant links does the page have?)

Search queries (How many search queries are there with the company name?) Internal linking (How good is the user guidance on the site?) -… 

This list could be supplemented with several hundred other factors that influence the ranking. Technology plays just as important a role as the editorial management of the website.

SEO is the basis for successful customer acquisition. Getting into the top rankings means putting a lot of work into optimizing the website and requiring know-how about how search engines work. A professional service provider will not promise you any ranking positions at this point but will contribute step by step to better positioning with a transparent way of working.

SEO can be a good method to successfully acquire new customers on the Internet. However, one should be aware that SEO measures are complex and do not bear fruit overnight.

Customer acquisition with SEA

It looks different with SEA measures. SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising and describes the placement of advertisements in the search engine. Here, you pay as an advertiser with a click price (CPC). In a bidding process, advertisers register for relevant search terms. The wedding photographer can enter the search term “wedding photographer Cologne” in Google AdWords and appear with a corresponding ad in the search engine. If a user clicks on the ad, the photographer has to pay Google a click price determined in the bidding process and, in return, receives an interested website visitor who may convert to a customer. Advantages for successful customer acquisition with search engine ads

Compared to SEO, SEA campaigns are set up quickly, and you benefit from quick visibility in the search engine.

Measuring success is crucial to SEA success. You need to know which keywords will help you sell and bring in new customers. For this reason, conversion tracking should be activated on Google AdWords and Bing Ads. You advertise precisely in the target group; the booked keywords determine the success of your campaign. For this reason, the search terms you use should be as close as possible to your core performance. Every click costs. And every click brings the chance to acquire a new customer. The measurement of success and the constant optimization determine the success of the campaigns for successful customer acquisition on the Internet.

Customer acquisition with SMM

Companies can also use social media marketing (SMM, for short) to draw attention to themselves and acquire customers. The various platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Co., have the potential to provide your company with qualified leads. Social media marketing can be divided into two areas: SMO (Social Media Optimization) and SMA (Social Media Advertising). SMO for customer loyalty The social media optimization

describes the measures that are announced in the areas of community management, posting design, and organic reach within the social media platforms. Customer acquisition is only indirectly in the foreground of the efforts, rather than the creation of a community and the associated customer loyalty. Here, you want to bind fans and customers to your company and ensure that they interact with the content that is made available to them by the advertising company.

SMA for customer acquisition

The situation is different in social media advertising. The goal here is to increase brand awareness with advertisements, get more clicks on your own website, or generate more leads. In this way, you can use the functions of successful SMA campaigns to acquire new customers.

Conclusion on new customer acquisition on the Internet

Successful customer acquisition on the Internet offers you different opportunities to attract the attention of interested parties. Use these advertising channels profitably for your company. With online marketing, you benefit from targeted and cost-oriented advertising for your company. Advertising success remains measurable in online marketing, and advertising costs can be planned. Increase your own entrepreneurial success now with targeted advertising thanks to online marketing. We would be happy to help you further.

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