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Acquisition of new customers on the Internet

acquision of new customers

We do have a website.” We often hear this statement in the first strategy meeting with companies. Many websites shine and impress with elaborate graphics. But if you look behind the website and evaluate its performance, you quickly see that the website does not lead to potential new customers to the extent that it could. In such cases, the queries generated via the website come in via so-called “brand search queries “, i.e., customers are already looking specifically for your company or your brand and are therefore the result of other marketing campaigns or classic recommendations. However, it would be much more exciting if new customers came to your website via generic search terms and became aware of the products and services you offer. How does it work? Find out in this blog post.

Digital Visibility: How well do you find your customers?

Now you know that it’s important for businesses to be found on Google and other search engines not only for their own brand name but also for generic searches that describe their service or product. For example, if you are a mechanical engineering company, it could be advantageous for companies to be found not only via their own brand names but also via search queries relating to problem solving. If, for example, a buyer is looking for suitable “winding machines” for film production, it is of crucial importance for the company to appear in the top ranking positions. Of course, the urgency of digital visibility depends on the market you are targeting and the target group. Ideally, the buyer comes to your website via the top ranking position, which you use to qualify the website visitor and develop a lead from them. This can be done, for example, via the contact form. Sales can start with the collected contact data.

But how does the company achieve digital visibility in the search engines? There are two ways to achieve this goal: SEO and SEA. SEO stands for search Engine Optimization and describes the optimization of your own website with the aim of achieving better search engine positions. SEA also comes from English and stands for search engine advertising.“. SEA describes paid search. You can use Google Adwords or Bing Ads to target specific search terms that describe your performance. In this way, short-term success can be achieved with SEA measures, and qualified traffic can be directed to the website.

For the online marketing strategy, SEA and SEO measures should be used in combination in order to use any synergies that arise. Since SEA measures tend to be short-term, SEO measures have a long-term cost advantage. Both measures should therefore be used together in your online marketing strategy in order to maximise their potential.

Measurability in digital marketing

Digital marketing has a significant advantage over traditional measures: measurability. All campaigns and entered search terms can be measured. For example, if a SEA campaign generates a contact via your contact form, this can be tracked using so-called conversion tracking, and the performance of the campaign can be evaluated. Not only SEA campaigns are measurable, but also the success of your measures in the SEO area or your social media activities.

This measurability allows you to set exact costs for new customer acquisition and adjust the campaigns accordingly. The elementary key figure for this area is the CPO (cost per order) or the CPA (cost per acquisition). It describes the costs for a new customer order or a new customer contact. For example, you pay 20 cents for a click, and out of 100 clicks, five send you an inquiry via the contact form. The CPA costs €4, and you can scale the system as you wish according to the company’s internal resources.

The given measurability ensures more efficient cost management and a better distribution of the budget for your new customer acquisition.

Conclusion: fishing with a hook

Your own online marketing strategy is crucial for acquiring new customers on the Internet, so companies can not only use SEO measures or the placement of search engine ads but also measures such as social media marketing, affiliate marketing, or newsletter marketing to activate existing customers. The bouquet of online marketing measures is wide-ranging and offers exciting opportunities for every company to increase visibility on the Internet. Think about where your target group is and which channels your customers could use when looking for your services.

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