Selling online: how it works!


Sell online: 10 steps to your first online sale Up until now, has your company operated primarily or exclusively in brick-and-mortar retail, and are you considering switching to online retail? In this blog post, you will be introduced to the topic of “selling online” and receive step-by-step instructions for getting started with online trading and […]

Avocado store

avocado store

Avocado store: The Platform Economy Goes Green! Starting with the Amazon trading platform, the Economy platform has spawned several world-renowned portals on the web. Due to the wide range of offers on the Internet and the enormous networking of large parts of the population, not only the large portals but also the smaller ones are growing. […]

SEO for JTL shops | A road map

seo for jtl shops

JTL Shop: This is not just how you optimize your rankings! The new online shop is online and ready to be visited by traffic eager to buy. Search engine advertising in particular can quickly draw visitors to the shop, who also convert. Unfortunately, there is no access via Google. In this blog post, we will show you what to look […]

Ecommerce: The new customer

ecommerce new customer

Increase in sales in e-commerce: Know your customers! The Internet and sales via this channel confront us with the big question: Who is actually our customer? We are getting more and more data about the buyers, but we don’t know which personalities are buying from us. It gets much worse if we don’t know what the customer’s actual motives are that […]

Successful customer acquisition on the Internet

successful customer acquisition

Successful customer acquisition is the lifeblood of every company. Classic sales or advertising are part of every successful company. Thoughts are given to the target groups and the communication in order to bring one’s service or one’s own products to the man or woman. Advertisements are placed in print advertising or on the radio. With slightly larger budgets, it may […]

Google Ads Similar Audiences

google ads similar audience animation

Remarketing is an important part of online marketing for most businesses. Re-engaging with users who have already shown interest in a particular product or service in various forms is actually always a profitable proposition. However, the painstakingly collected customer data can also be used for something else. In this article, you can find out how you can also […]

Facebook ads retargeting strategies

social media ads animation

Our 6 best Facebook retargeting strategies Retargeting is the mainstay of many Facebook advertising accounts. After all, it makes sense that users who have been prequalified in a certain way for your ads are more likely to be willing to make a purchase than random users or users selected by interests, for example. That’s why it’s […]

Manomano – marketplace for doers

handmade creative animation

Until now, there has not been an online platform specifically for the do-it-yourself group. recognised this gap in the market and placed itself in an interesting niche. The majority of the online sales of tools and building materials are covered by stationary suppliers: DIY stores, OBI, Hornbach, Toom, and various others make up the difference. However, […]

Affiliate marketing in e-commerce

affiliate marketing in ecommerce

More sales thanks to affiliate marketing In e-commerce, too, it is not just the price or the range of products in the range that is decisive, but an essential factor for success in e-commerce is the marketing activity initiated by the respective company and the processing of the market. For many online shops, affiliate marketing is market […]

Ecommerce: Success factor social media marketing

ecommerce success

Social media marketing for online shops In addition to the classic online marketing channels such as traffic via search engines and affiliate programmes, social media networks can also be valuable suppliers of high-quality traffic to your own website. In this blog post, we show you how the social media strategy harmonises with the overall online marketing strategy and ensures that additional traffic comes […]