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SEO for JTL shops | A road map

seo for jtl shops

JTL Shop: This is not just how you optimize your rankings!

The new online shop is online and ready to be visited by traffic eager to buy. Search engine advertising in particular can quickly draw visitors to the shop, who also convert.

Unfortunately, there is no access via Google. In this blog post, we will show you what to look out for when optimizing your search engine in JTL shops and how to position yourself in the top rankings. Here we go!

The product descriptions have duplicate content.

It is a tiresome topic that is done wrong in many online shops. The product descriptions of the manufacturer are often copied and integrated into their own shop. This circumstance is deadly for the uniqueness of your shop. Now your shop is positioned next to the texts of the competition and disappears into the vastness of the internet.

Therefore, when creating the online shop, you should rely on unique product descriptions to be more findable in the search engines. When creating the product descriptions, you should be guided by the stocks and, if necessary, the margins and tackle the “product descriptions” project.

In addition, you should enable your customers to create their own content in the reviews and thus continue to positively influence the rankings.

In some cases, the competition makes it very easy and copies the previously unique content from your shop. With Google Alerts, you put an end to the process and have an overview of your texts and content.

With the free tool, you can have Google check the web at regular intervals to see whether your text is used elsewhere on the internet, and if this is the case, you can take legal action.

The category descriptions: The early conversion path

The category descriptions also enable you to catch customers earlier on the conversion path and lure them into your shop with informative keywords. In an online shop for coffee machines, for example, you have divided the shop into fully automatic machines.

Here, it is advisable to write relevant and interesting text for your customers and to answer the search query in the best possible way. The placement of the text also has a direct impact on your sales performance.

A placement at the beginning of the category page is certainly exciting for Google, but it is a clear problem for your conversion and usability in the JTL Shop. It is therefore advisable to integrate the texts at the end of the page under the products and thus increase the relevance of the page for the specific keyword.

Meta tags: Along the AIDA formula

With JTL, you can customise the meta tags at the category and product levels. These have a direct impact on the CTR (click-through rate) from the search engine to your shop. Let’s look at the classic AIDA formula in marketing:

attention, interest, desire, and action,

This is how we know that the user is looking for a solution on Google because of a need. With an exciting meta title, you grab the attention of the user, and with your advertised USP (unique selling proposition), you ensure that the user is interested in your offer and ideally arouses a desire to learn more about it.

Now the customer is ready to interact with your organic ads in the search results. This makes it all the more important to ask customers to interact and visit the shop. The structure of the meta descriptions according to this scheme provides you with additional visitors to your online shop. That’s why you should integrate your meta tags on every indexed page.

Product images are crucial for conversions and rankings.

High-quality product photos convince your customers and allow them a better conversion rate through your traffic.

In addition, attractive product images with relevant alt tags ensure greater relevance in Google image searches. In addition, product photos ensure a longer stay in the online shop, which can also have a positive effect on the rankings.

Your product photos should therefore be taken by a professional product photographer, unless they are provided by the manufacturer.

With these four little tips, you can take your shop a good step forward and convert traffic into customers who are willing to buy. For more information, we recommend downloading our free JTL Performance Booster Magazine.

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