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Online marketing analysis

online marketing analyse

The online marketing analysis: the basis for successful online marketing

At the beginning of every successful story, there is a well-founded analysis and recording of the status quo. The same is true in online marketing. In order to be able to make the right decisions regarding channel selection or budget allocation, all potential must be identified and disclosed. This is the task of a well-founded online marketing audit. In this blog post, we will bring you closer to the components of an online marketing analysis and give you an insight into the strategic benefits that a professional analysis can bring to companies. Here we go!

The components of an online marketing analysis

There are various channels in online marketing that companies should use with different objectives. In addition to search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine ads (SEA) and social media marketing (SMM), other communication channels such as social media marketing are available to enter into dialogue with potential customers.

Against this background, an essential part of the online marketing analysis is the recording of the status quo of the website at channel level:

How good is the organic visibility of the company? Does the company run Google AdWords ads? Does the company engage in content marketing at regular intervals? Is this content seeded via the social media channels? …

This is just an excerpt of questions that should arise as part of the status quo recording. The historical activities of the company are evaluated, and an inventory of the current situation is made.

The next step: the view over the garden fence

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, or so they say. In this case, the online marketing analysis is more about observing the competition and evaluating the measures that the competition is taking to position your website through targeted online marketing.

Observing the competition can be very informative with regard to the channels to be used and can give you ideas for your own positioning. When auditing the competition, one should limit oneself to the three strongest market competitors and also address the individual channels in order to decode the corresponding strategy. It is often noticeable in this area that each competitor has corresponding strengths in different areas:

Competitor 1 may dominate the search engine, while competitor 2 has a very strong Facebook community. Beyond the pure identification of strengths, the competitor’s path to success should, of course, be analysed with the aim of developing shortcuts for one’s own online marketing strategy.

With the detailed information about the competition, it can now go into the next phase of the online marketing analysis: the potential analysis!

Conclusion: Online marketing analysis: potential analysis and strategy development

In the next step, potential for the company results from the available information from your own strengths and weaknesses profile and the strengths and weaknesses of the competition. These potentials are identified and named as part of the analysis.

In the next step, the prioritisation of the potential based on the cost-benefit ratio ensures the development of a concrete strategy for the company, and with the strategy recommendation, the online marketing analysis has fulfilled its task.

You now know:

Where the weaknesses and strengths of your own side lie
Where the strengths and weaknesses of the competition lie
Which channels can be used profitably for acquiring new customers?
Which channels should be optimized or set up as a priority?
How the strategy for the orientation of the company in online marketing can look

We would be happy to help you check your own setting and the competition’s online marketing performance and develop the optimal online marketing strategy. We are looking forward to your contact!

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