Tips for setting up an online shop

Setting up an online shop is an efficient way to tackle the eCommerce segment with your company. Increasing digitization as well as the corona pandemic have led to more and more companies expanding their business with an online shop or relying entirely on digital sales channels. Opening your own online shop has several advantages, for […]

The basis for successful marketing – 5 steps to a perfect target group analysis

The primary goal in marketing is to reach as many relevant users with as few resources as possible. In order to achieve this goal you should determine who are the relevant users by carrying out a target group analysis. For this purpose, the overall market is analyzed and categorized based on various characteristics. In this […]

Alternative Search Engines

When we talk about search engines or search engine optimization (SEO), we immediately think of Google. Google dominates the German search engine market with a market share of around 84% for desktop searches and around 97% for mobile searches. However, there are many alternative search engines that have just as much to offer. You can […]