Selling online: how it works!


Sell online: 10 steps to your first online sale Up until now, has your company operated primarily or exclusively in brick-and-mortar retail, and are you considering switching to online retail? In this blog post, you will be introduced to the topic of “selling online” and receive step-by-step instructions for getting started with online trading and […]

Avocado store

avocado store

Avocado store: The Platform Economy Goes Green! Starting with the Amazon trading platform, the Economy platform has spawned several world-renowned portals on the web. Due to the wide range of offers on the Internet and the enormous networking of large parts of the population, not only the large portals but also the smaller ones are growing. […]

Opportunities for website optimization

opportunities for website optimization

Increasing traffic, i.e., the number of visits to your website, has a direct impact on your sales. There are several strategies you should follow to keep your customers interested, attract potential new customers to your site, and, best of all, win them over. We have put together our top 4 tips for optimizing your website […]

5 tips for online shop marketing

5 online marketing tips for your online shop Nowadays, the internet is the largest marketplace in the world, and the online shop has become the most important source of income for many companies. A good online shop with a clear strategy behind it increases the chances of success and is the principle of many successful companies. However, […]

SEO strategy with clear goals to success

wood chess

SEO Strategy: The core of professional search engine optimization Doing search engine optimization without an SEO strategy is a bit like trying to take a shower without getting wet. Without strategy, there is no direction, no goals, and only random successes. In this blog post, we would like to show you why an SEO strategy is blatantly important for companies […]

Professional product images

professional product images

The revenue drivers: Professional product images Online shops live off your product images. Nevertheless, some retailers neglect their own efforts to create professional product images. In this blog post, we would like to show you what effect good and professional product images have on customers and why professional product images have a major impact on sales in the […]

What actually is a corporate design?

What is corporate design? What is it, and why is it so important? Self-expression is part of everyday life for most Internet users today, but it is also indispensable for companies. How a person wants to present themselves and how they are actually perceived can be completely different. It’s the same with companies. For this reason, a plan is […]

Usability optimization: 10 tips for happier customers

usability optimization animation

The eCommerce industry is growing, and the number of online shops available is growing rapidly. In addition to one’s own brand and products, one feature is increasingly emerging that largely determines the success of shops: usability. What is usability optimization? First of all, it is important to correctly differentiate between usability and user experience. The use of […]

Online marketing analysis

online marketing analyse

The online marketing analysis: the basis for successful online marketing At the beginning of every successful story, there is a well-founded analysis and recording of the status quo. The same is true in online marketing. In order to be able to make the right decisions regarding channel selection or budget allocation, all potential must be identified […]

User Experience (UX) tips for your online shop

ux tips animation

User Experience – This is how the purchase becomes an experience that will be remembered In the case of user experience (better user experience or user experience), the term user experience is also often used. It describes all aspects of a user’s experience when interacting with a product, service, environment, or facility. The user experience deals […]