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10 tips for your e-commerce online marketing

10 tips marketing

10 online marketing tips for your online shop

Your own online shop lives off the daily traffic that visits it and, in the best case, converts it into your own offer. Online marketing is of crucial importance for the success of an online shop. Online marketing not only ensures more visitors to your own online shop but also promotes the quality of the offer and its presentation. At this point, terms such as usability (user friendliness) and CRO (conversion rate optimization) should be familiar because these sub-disciplines affect every communication channel and are responsible for the success of a campaign. In this blog post, we give you practical tips for your e-commerce success along the way that can help you increase your output in the long term. Here we go.

Tip 1: Meta data for your SEO

With search engine optimization , you can increase your visibility on the Internet and generate sustainable traffic. You should follow Google’s guidelines when taking action to avoid being penalised. A sub-discipline of search engine optimization is the assignment of meta data for individual pages to be indexed. Assigning a meaningful meta title and a description that encourages interaction should contribute to a better ratio of clicks to impressions and indirectly improve your rankings. Therefore, make sure that you assign your own metadata to each individual page.

Tip 2: USP for differentiability

What distinguishes your online shop from the online shops of your competition? Is it the particularly fast shipping, the wide range of products, or, rather, the excellent customer service? Develop your own unique selling points and show your customers that you are different. The development of a comparative competitive advantage is a key success factor for your online shop. The cheapest price does not always have to be the USP. There are also smarter solutions to skillfully differentiate yourself from the competition.

Tip 3: A Hero’s Journey in Content Marketing

You can no longer avoid content marketing; solving customer-specific problems should be the top priority in content marketing and give the customer added value. You should lead the customer through the customer journey as a hero and offer the solution to the specific customer problem (ideally with your own products) as a happy ending. The combination of added value and the hero’s journey combines relevance with interest and has the potential to put your own products in the foreground. This not only increases the range but also consciously guides the customer into the customer journey.

Tip 4: Lead generation

The specific objective does not always have to focus on sales; soft goals such as leads can also contribute to e-commerce. Leads are customer contacts that do not result in an immediate sale and do not increase sales in the short term. For example, signing up for your own newsletter can be counted as a lead. At this point, the customer enables further potential contacts with the sale as a target.

Tip 5: Ask for a recommendation!

The networking of the online shop with social media channels and rating portals is of crucial importance for recommendation marketing, which has a direct effect on the trust placed in the customer. This form of free advertising not only makes business sense but also helps to communicate your own USP. With CTA (Call To Action), the customer’s opinion should be requested in shipping confirmations or via other communication channels.

Tip 6: Advertising space on the product

When is the customer’s need for a new product greatest? Exactly, at the latest when the product is empty (consumables) or broken. So you should think about putting advertising messages on your product or the packaging without damaging the product in the long term. Truefruits, for example, does it very cleverly: Hashtags such as #dubrombeersohn are applied to the products, which leads to optimal networking between offline and online. Maybe it’s worth thinking about putting advertising messages on the products in your range.

Tip 7: Multichannel: Distribution and Communication

The use of trading portals such as Amazon or eBay can not only make sense in terms of sales but can also be used as a communication channel for your own branding. If you are selling a baseball bat, for example, a link to your own online shop can be created using package inserts, where the customer can ideally find suitable cross-selling products. Of course, the customer is spoiled by eBay and Amazon, so it is all the more important to exceed the customer’s expectations.

Tip 8: Internal Marketing

Communication with your own team is just as important as communication with the outside world. Only when your own team has understood the corporate identity does the customer have the opportunity to find out about it, because at the end of the day, the employees are the ones who communicate the company philosophy to the customer. The marketing strategy should therefore also be applied to your own company.

Tip 9: Controlling

Control and budgeting are also extremely important for online marketing. Many channels charge performance-based on a CPO basis, and in order to survive in the face of the competition, you need to know your own cost structure and how much margin you have on the average shopping cart in order to be able to determine the maximum CPO. In order to be efficient in online marketing and to be able to develop your full potential, you have to be clear about the cost structures and know exactly what a sale can cost. The argument of the amortisation via the customer lifetime value is also understandable in the objective.

Tip 10: Promotional campaigns in affiliate marketing

Promotional campaigns should also take place at regular intervals in affiliate marketing, which encourages the affiliate partners to provide additional advertising services. This can be expressed in a short-term adjustment of the affiliate commission or the provision of vouchers. Promotions are very popular with affiliate partners and ensure increased reach. So you should definitely use the potential.

Conclusion: Nothing kills anything.

Start your online marketing activities now to grow your online shop and differentiate yourself from the competition.

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