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search engine optimizer

What does a search engine optimizer (SEO) actually do?

The job title of search engine optimizer can cover various areas of responsibility and specialisations. In this blog post, we would like to go into the tasks of the search engine optimizer and show you how a search engine optimizer can help you become more visible online. Here we go!

Why should you rely on professional SEO?

Good rankings don’t come by themselves. As a search engine optimizer, you have the task of recognising ranking potential and analysing the competitive situation accordingly. The results are recommendations for action for the targeted optimisation of the website or online shop.

As a website operator, you benefit from the work of a search engine optimizer in particular through:

+ Better rankings = more traffic
+ Free traffic (no direct traffic costs)
+ Sustainable rankings (you benefit from SEO measures in the long term)
+ Comparative competitive advantage in times of rising acquisition costs in the acquisition of new customers


Search engine specialists can be divided and broken down into 3 sub-areas with different requirements:

– PageSpeed
​​- JavaScript, CSS compression
– Sitemap optimization
– Adaptation robots.txt

– internal links
– content
– page structure
– headings (H1,H2,H3)
– keyword density

domain popularity
links (quantity)

Different skills are required for these sub-areas, combined with technical know-how and marketing knowledge. Finding these skills in one person should usually be an exception, because the technical requirements and the marketing requirements are not always close together. For this reason, many companies in the field of search engine optimization not only rely on a pure search engine specialist, but also on close integration with the technical support of the website.

Search engine optimizer vs. SEO agency

Many companies ask themselves, Should I hire my own search engine optimizer or should I hire an agency to do the search engine optimization ?

The challenge certainly lies in identifying suitable candidates for the position of search engine optimizer. Since many subtasks are waiting for the search engine specialist, comprehensive know-how and a lot of project experience are required. As already mentioned, it is difficult to reach such specialists with hybrid skills.

An alternative is an SEO agency. Ideally, there are experts here for each optimization area who can carry out the optimization accordingly. Know-how and knowledge of how to use SEO tools are crucial for the success of search engine optimization . However, the following problem arises when working with an SEO agency: the know-how remains largely in the agency.

Ideal solution: search engine optimizer and SEO agency

We have had the best experiences as an SEO agency with the combination of search engine specialist & SEO agency. An internal SEO manager coordinates and measures the performance. The SEO agency defines the tactics and operational measures. In this constellation, you get the best results, since SEO know-how and company requirements ideally meet.

SEO process

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very process-driven endeavour. As an SEO, you should identify and analyse the weak points of a website and its current status. With the findings, it then goes into the SEO scoring. The SEO milestones to be processed are evaluated here.

Measures that can be implemented quickly and easily and have a high impact are prioritised accordingly in agile project management. In this way, measures taken also correspond to the company’s goals and that the search engine optimization is carried out in line with those goals.

Day-to-day work of a search engine optimizer

The day-to-day work of a search engine specialist is very varied. SEOs usually have different customer projects / websites they work on and different specialisations in the areas of:

+ OnPage SEO
+ OffPage SEO
+ Technical SEO

Here, the daily routine largely revolves around the cycle of analysis, monitoring, adjustments, and measuring. Through an iterative way of working, the search engine specialist brings the website to be optimized further and further and increases the website’s quality in the on-page area through his work.

Conclusion on the search engine optimizer

Finding good search engine specialist for your own business is a difficult task. Ideally, you will find an SEO agency that builds SEO competence together with the company and ensures that the website not only becomes more visible, but also contributes to the fulfilment of the company’s goals. We would be happy to support you in integrating the SEO process into your company. Simply contact us and find out more in a non-binding conversation.

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