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Successful video marketing on Youtube

successful video marketing on youtube

Video marketing on YouTube is on the rise

Advertising and videos simply belong together. With videos, companies have the opportunity to establish emotional communication with potential customers and convince them of their own services in a short period of time. Video production does not always have to be a cost-intensive undertaking, but companies can use social media channels for their corporate communication in a targeted manner. The best way to do this: is shown in our blog post on the subject of video marketing with YouTube !

Your own YouTube channel

The starting point of every successful video marketing strategy is the establishment of the channel. The registration of the YouTube channel should, of course, also be planned in a structured way, like the production of the videos. In addition to the user name, the channel should have an expressive banner image, which is skillfully rounded off by the profile image.

Before uploading the videos to YouTube, you should also think about the keywords with which the videos should appear in the internal YouTube search. In addition, the common search terms should appear in the title and the descriptive texts so that your YouTube video can also be found in the YouTube search.

Content marketing with videos

Once the video has been created and published on YouTube, it should also appear on a corresponding subpage on the website. SEO – optimized content enhanced with a high-quality explanatory video is also a good way to attract more attention in Google searches. The networked use of the videos on YouTube and your own website creates synergies that should not be neglected, which can enormously increase the overall visibility of your company on the Internet.

Networking, networking, networking

On the other hand, you should get YouTube video viewers to visit your website as well. Put a link to your website in the description, where you have additionally prepared the content of the video. In this way, you bring potential customers even closer to the actual conversion goal and ensure that the potential customer is more likely to contact you.

Video Marketing with Google Adwords

Another way to increase the reach of your own videos is to place video ads using Google Adwords. Here you have the opportunity to bring your video ads to the target group within the YouTube network. You place your emotional videos before the actual videos in which the prospect is interested. It is all the more important that the video convinces in the first 5 seconds and generates the user’s interest so that the video is viewed. Due to the many advantages of moving images, YouTube ads can be used specifically to distribute video content. Try it. It’s always worth a try!

Find and use synergies

In video marketing, too, it makes sense to look for and use synergies and thus distribute the videos via different portals. Think about alternative video portals that are ideal for distributing your videos, such as DailyMotion or Vimeo. Alternatively, it can make sense to publish the video on Facebook and thus benefit from the direct reach of social media fans.

Why you should use video marketing too!

Video marketing is not only suitable for large companies, but also for freelancers or medium-sized companies. We have summarized the advantages of targeted video marketing for you here:

  • Increase visit times on your website. Embedded videos have a positive effect on the length of time your website visitors stay. One reason to include videos from an SEO perspective.
  • Videos are remembered. Well-crafted videos will be remembered by your customers hours later. This keeps your brand in people’s minds.
  • Use the potential of the big search engine. YouTube, with several thousand views a day, also has the right prospects for your business.
  • Video usage is constantly increasing, and people use video to get help for their individual problems. Take advantage of the potential that is opening up here!

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