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Online Marketing Channels You Should Know

online marketing channels

Targeted selection of online marketing channels for more website visitors

Online marketing channels are defined as sources for visitors to your website. In this blog post, we show you which online marketing channels are relevant for you as a website operator and should be integrated into the online marketing mix. Here we go!

Online marketing channels with strategy

In our other blog posts, we have already highlighted how important a defined online marketing strategy is for the success of companies. It sets the direction of travel and defines target groups that you want to reach digitally. These target groups are essential for the choice of suitable online marketing channels.

How many online marketing channels a company uses depends on its strategic orientation. Companies that manage to maintain communication with visitors via various channels have a better chance of turning prospects into customers.

Online marketing channels you really should know about

Professional online marketing is not one-dimensional. There are different levels at which you can act as an online marketing manager and influence the users accordingly. In the following section, we would like to give you an overview of the online marketing channels that you should have heard of or that you should already be using optimally.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM = Search Engine Marketing)

The online marketing channel search engine marketing describes all visitor sources that result from search engine traffic. Basically, search engine traffic has a very high interest in your products and services, as users express a specific need through their search phrase. As a rule, well-implemented search engine marketing shows valid and profitable key figures.

However, search engine marketing can be divided into two further categories:

+ Search Engine Optimization (SEO = Search Engine Optimization)
Optimization of organic search results by optimizing onpage and offpage factors The search engine does not incur any costs for the range achieved for this traffic.

+ Search engine ads or advertising (SEA = Search Engine Advertising)
Search engine ads offer the opportunity to achieve top placements in the short term and thus be found more easily for relevant key terms. This ad format incurs costs per click (CPC = Cost Per Click); the art lies in optimally distributing the budget so that the advertiser achieves the best cost-benefit ratio.

In addition to the classic search engine ads, there is also a special format for online retailers: Google Shopping Ads is a high-performance channel with the option of displaying product ads in the Google search engine. Due to the high level of information (price and image in the search results), this online marketing channel has good conversion rates.

Display Marketing

Underestimated by many: Display marketing With banners, you can reach potentially interested parties via providers such as the Google Display Network and ensure traffic on the landing pages. Display ads are billed on the basis of CPC or CPM (cost per thousand contacts).

It is important that the attribution models are taken into account when evaluating display marketing since display traffic is often the first contact with the website, but success is attributed to later touchpoints.

Email Marketing and Newsletter Marketing

A topic that is classic in CRM (Customer Relationship Management = existing customer management) and helps to increase the customer lifetime value Newsletters help your customers buy more often, react to promotions, and, in the best case, convert.

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a high-performing channel when properly maintained. With partnerships with topic-relevant websites, reach is generated for the website. The nice thing about this is that, depending on the set-up of the account, the affiliate partners are remunerated based on performance.

For an online shop, this means, for example, that the partner receives a certain percentage of the average shopping basket as commission if a sale is made.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the hub of the internet. This is where your target groups interact, communicate, and consume. Various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Xing offer various advertising options for companies to get in touch with their target group.

Similar to the search engine, a distinction is made here between organic and paid reach, which can be achieved through social media marketing.

Referrals and Backlinks

Another source of traffic are links from other websites that contribute to website visits. Strategic partnerships and links can be established here, which can lead to interested website visitors.

direct accesses

And then there are the users who know you as the provider. They enter their URL directly and thus get to your website. It is often an indicator that your company is gaining popularity.

In addition to the online marketing channels shown, there are other methods of directing interested website visitors to your own website, such as:

+ Remarketing: Here you address users who have already been to your website and who you would like to reactivate. Remarketing can be implemented via platforms such as Facebook, Google, or providers such as Criteo.

+ Brand Paid Search: Another channel that is worth measuring and evaluating individually. Paid search engine ads with your own company name have high click-through and conversion rates.

+ Video Marketing: Platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo are increasingly becoming vertical search engines, and here, too, users are looking for helpful content and accessing the website via the videos.

Marketplace Marketing: Marketplaces are crucial for online retailers and can not only provide additional sales but also traffic to your online shop. Amazon, eBay, Real.de, and the like are relevant reach generators for online shops!

Conclusion on online marketing channels

The choice of online marketing channels is crucial for success in online marketing. However, the appropriate know-how should also be available for the specific channels in order to successfully process the online marketing channels. As an online marketing agency, we would be happy to support you with this project: Contact our experts without obligation.

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