Affiliate Marketing Coupons

affiliate marketing coupons

Voucher strategy in affiliate marketing generates more sales The affiliate marketing program has started and the first sales are coming in. Since the strategic development of the affiliate campaign is a process, the performance of the campaign is now being analyzed. Considerations are now being made as to how the affiliate campaign can be further optimized. There are a […]

Affiliate marketing start without reach


In order to start with affiliate marketing, the brand must already be known. Your shop or website must have traffic to be successful in affiliate marketing. But is that really the case? Isn’t it possible to get into affiliate marketing without a large reach? The answer is quite clear: Yes! In this blog post, I will explain how you can be successful […]

5 tips for online shop marketing

5 online marketing tips for your online shop Nowadays, the internet is the largest marketplace in the world, and the online shop has become the most important source of income for many companies. A good online shop with a clear strategy behind it increases the chances of success and is the principle of many successful companies. However, […]

Affiliate marketing in e-commerce

affiliate marketing in ecommerce

More sales thanks to affiliate marketing In e-commerce, too, it is not just the price or the range of products in the range that is decisive, but an essential factor for success in e-commerce is the marketing activity initiated by the respective company and the processing of the market. For many online shops, affiliate marketing is market […]

Online Marketing Channels You Should Know

online marketing channels

Targeted selection of online marketing channels for more website visitors Online marketing channels are defined as sources for visitors to your website. In this blog post, we show you which online marketing channels are relevant for you as a website operator and should be integrated into the online marketing mix. Here we go! Online marketing channels with strategy In our […]

Affiliate Marketing tips for beginners

Affiliate Marketing animation

Affiliate marketing has proven itself as a successful online marketing channel for years, but many are not yet using its potential. We will explain what affiliate marketing is and why you should use this online marketing measure to set up your campaign. We will also reveal 5 helpful tips for a successful start. Affiliate Marketing […]