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Professional product images

professional product images

The revenue drivers: Professional product images

Online shops live off your product images. Nevertheless, some retailers neglect their own efforts to create professional product images.

In this blog post, we would like to show you what effect good and professional product images have on customers and why professional product images have a major impact on sales in the online shop. Here we go!

What effect do product images have?

High-quality and professional product images are the showcase of every online shop owner. High-quality product images quickly make an online shop appear very professional and serious, as the customer quickly recognises the retailer’s degree of professionalism.

With high-quality product images, expectations are built up on the customer side, which can quickly have a sales-promoting effect and ideally minimise the return rate. The product image is a crucial factor in the purchasing decision process and should be treated accordingly.

Product images for online shops: design requirements

Today, the standard in online shops and also on trading portals such as Amazon and eBay is exempt products on a white background. In this view, the products come into their own, and essential product details can be clearly seen. It is more difficult if a coloured or patterned background is chosen. Here, the distraction in the background can have a negative impact on sales.

In addition to selecting the background, the product images should be of sufficient size. The selected resolution is important here. Nothing looks more unprofessional to the customer than blurry images due to a resolution that is too low. Make sure that the products are shown realistically so that you don’t experience any nasty surprises with the returns.

Effect of images

With professional and well-designed product images, online shop operators can massively influence the external image of their online shop and set additional buying incentives. High-quality photos ensure more trust on the part of the customer and, in addition to the necessary product information, also provide emotions. In this way, emotional images of the products in the application can lead to better identification with the products on the customer side.

Conclusion on product images in online shops

Many online shops have not yet recognised the potential of high-quality photos in their own shops. As an online marketing agency, we see a large lever in many online shops that remains unused by many shop operators. The effort is manageable if you create the appropriate processes for creating the product images. Start now with appealing product images. We would be happy to support you!

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