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SEO strategy with clear goals to success

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SEO Strategy: The core of professional search engine optimization

Doing search engine optimization without an SEO strategy is a bit like trying to take a shower without getting wet. Without strategy, there is no direction, no goals, and only random successes.

In this blog post, we would like to show you why an SEO strategy is blatantly important for companies and how you can use the SEO strategy to control employees and agencies. You will learn what the important building blocks of a successful SEO strategy are and how you can use them. Here we go!

SEO strategy: The time factor

Good things take time – as the old saying goes, and the same applies to search engine optimization. Top 10 rankings are not created overnight, it takes sufficient time for rankings to appear due to optimization.

And time management should be supported by an action plan so that it is clear at all times which step must be taken next and which resources and know-how are required in the next step. In contrast to search engine advertising , top positions that not only bring traffic but also conversions cannot be developed overnight in SEO.

The SEO strategy and your goals

A clear SEO strategy requires clear and measurable goals that are ideally formulated SMART. Factors such as:

+ Number of keywords in the index
+ Share of the top 10 keywords
+ Ranking distribution
+ Traffic increases through organic search engines.
+ Conversion growth through SEO
+ Attribution models in SEO (especially for informational keywords)

In order to be able to define goals, the status quo should be recorded. The definition of an SEO strategy starts with a well-founded SEO analysis .

Step 1 to the SEO strategy: The SEO analysis

Only those who know where their weaknesses lie can work on them. The situation is similar in SEO. For this reason, the analysis of the current situation is at the beginning of every SEO process .

Keyword research helps identify important keywords and specify which keywords should have what weight in the future. In the on-page area, on-page factors are checked, and an action plan is drawn up to improve the on-page factors. In the OffPage area, existing links are checked and, if necessary, harmful links are devalued using Google Disavow Tools.

For professional SEO analysis, you can consult different software such as Google Analytics, the Google Search Console, Screaming Frog, SISTRIX, or XOVI.

Essentially, the SEO analysis focuses on KPIs such as:

+ Visibility in the Google search engine (90% market share in Germany)
+ Traffic growth (Which keywords can provide more traffic?)
+ Conversion keywords (which keywords bring corresponding conversions?)
+ Backlink profile (which links are harmful and which are beneficial?)
+ Information architecture (Is the website structure understandable for the Google Bot?)

With the analysis of the actual situation in the SEO area, the corresponding goals and KPIs in the SEO area can then be defined so that the action plan to be defined can aim at achieving the goal.

SEO strategy: The SEO action plan

The goals can be used to define the measures and create a retrospective plan. This retro-planning takes into account the three sub-areas of search engine optimization (on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO), places the optimizations to be made within a time horizon, and ensures appropriate project management in the actual search engine optimization.

It is important to see this action plan as a dynamic construct. Regular monitoring and SEO control in the market ensures that you can quickly identify developments, including those of your competitors, and take appropriate countermeasures.

In addition to the major construction sites (on-page, off-page, and technical SEO), the action plan should also include peripheral issues such as image SEO and social signals in order to comprehensively work on the topic of SEO strategy .

SEO strategy in the online marketing mix

Search engine optimization plays a central role in online marketing, and there is potential for synergies with other online marketing channels. The link building of theoff-pagee SEOs can be supported by the work of the press department, or links can be built via partner management. For these and other reasons, it is important not only to implement the SEO strategy in the online marketing department, but also to involve other relevant departments in the SEO process through training and to impart basic knowledge in the field of search engine optimization.

The goal: holistic search engine optimization, taking into account the use of synergies.

Conclusion on the SEO strategy

It is possible to work without an SEO strategy , but it will not bring much. The defined SEO strategy and the goal that you want to achieve with professional search engine optimization are crucial.

Continuous monitoring and SEO control should be implemented in order to recognize short-term developments and be able to react accordingly to market trends. In the area of search engine optimization, it is also important to understand that it is not a project, but the implementation of processes and control loops.

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