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5 tips for online shop marketing


5 online marketing tips for your online shop

Nowadays, the internet is the largest marketplace in the world, and the online shop has become the most important source of income for many companies. A good online shop with a clear strategy behind it increases the chances of success and is the principle of many successful companies.

However, it can also quickly happen that your online shop does not create what you want. Here you can find out the most important factors in the fight for the best online marketing and how you can influence them positively!

Tip 1 for your online shop marketing: The online shop

shop design

What is important when it comes to the success of an online shop? Of course, the design of the shop Appealing web design, informative advertising texts, eye-catching images, and worthwhile USPs lay the foundation for success.

With the advertising texts, it is particularly important that the customer get a feel for the brand, the product range, the service, and the team behind it. In the best case, there are individual texts on each landing page that match the customer’s request, so that he gets the feeling of “personal advice”.

Here, the better and more appealing the text, the longer someone stays on the website and, ideally, decides to make a purchase. There should also be a team page that provides information about the company and thus puts the customer in indirect contact with the employees.

The same applies to the images as to the texts. Exciting and colourful pictures attract a lot of attention and arouse interest. A well-designed shop makes a strong first impression and invites the customer to a longer interaction. The images should describe the product or service well and always show its best side.


USPs and other selling points

The USPs (Unique Selling propositions) describe the unique selling points of your company. What makes your shop special? Highlight the reasons that are important to customers when making a purchase decision. Regardless of whether it’s discounts, fast shipping, good service, or the waiver of shipping costs, the USPs must be clearly presented.

In addition to the USPs, there are other important purchase suggestions. There are seals of approval and certificates that create trust and distinguish your shop. This gives the user orientation for safe shopping.

You can also carry out regular discount campaigns, for example, with voucher codes that customers can “unlock” through certain campaigns. This increases the chance of spontaneous purchase decisions, and you may also be able to reactivate past customers.

Tip 2 for your online shop’s marketing: social media

The numerous well-known social media platforms that now exist and keep millions of people on their toes every day offer you the additional opportunity to build up a new “fan base” and generate sales or traffic at the same time. Whether TikTok, Twitter, or Instagram, there are tonnes of targeting options and variants to show your ads on every platform.

In addition to advertisements, you should also post interesting articles. Let people know what you do and spark interest in your business. Of course, every beginning is difficult, and you may not immediately have a large “fan base” interested in your online shop, but with constant and creative work, you will quickly build up a larger community.

A little tip: The different social media platforms are characterised by different properties that you should be familiar with for perfect use. With Facebook, for example, you can reach a large number of active users; Twitter is best for short, informative texts; great pictures are best posted on Instagram; and videos are ideal for YouTube or TikTok.

Tip 3 for your online shop marketing: your online presence

Many later buyers do not come directly to your website with a specific purchase intention; they are often directed to your site from other platforms. Therefore, if you want to be successful, you have to be present on as many platforms as possible. This doesn’t only apply to the social media networks mentioned above; there are many other ways to increase the visibility of your online shop.

At the top of the list is your own blog. Your own blog or guide attracts new prospects and makes your company more likeable to customers. However, it is important to always bring new content; the more, the better.
You can also use free press portals or cooperate with other online shops to gain awareness. No matter what you do, the main thing is that it is informative and useful for the customer.

Tip 4 for your online shop marketing: Perfect snippets

The term snippet refers to the section of your website in Google search results. The snippet essentially consists of a title and a description, the so-called metadata. What is important for the metadata is an interesting description of the website, an important USP, and a call to action that should prompt the user to access the website.
The length of the texts is limited, so you should use the space you have wisely. The USPs addressed in step 1 should be part of your description as well as a call to action (CTA), for example “buy now or “, ” learn more here “.

Tip 5 for your online shop’s marketing: Google Ads

We’ve already talked about your website design, social media, your general online presence, and metadata, so what’s still missing? Ads with Google Ads

Google Ads belong in a good online marketing mix and are a profitable way to do online marketing.

Place ads via Google Ads and promote your products. Another way to advertise your store’s products is with Google Shopping. In addition to the paid ads, organic search results are also possible here.

The paid ads will then appear above the normal search results in Google Search. When setting up Google Ads, however, it is particularly important to choose the keywords for which you want to place ads. Since Google Ads are paid per click, choosing the wrong keywords can quickly become a losing proposition. It is therefore particularly important to set up the Google Ads account very carefully at the beginning. Get help from an expert to set up advertising campaigns!

Conclusion on online shop marketing

Finally, what can you say about online shop marketing? In any case, it is a very complex task to get a good online shop going because there are many things to consider. Whether it’s the design of your shop, the numerous marketing opportunities through social media, or Google Ads and snippets, there are many great options, but there are also a lot of things that can go wrong.

So take the first step and find out about online marketing for your online shop. Don’t be afraid to seek support from professional online marketing experts. Having the right foundation and strategy for the long-term success of your online shop is essential and should be developed in cooperation with experts and their know-how. Start with us today and use our contact form.

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