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Avocado store: The Platform Economy Goes Green!

Starting with the Amazon trading platform, the Economy platform has spawned several world-renowned portals on the web. Due to the wide range of offers on the Internet and the enormous networking of large parts of the population, not only the large portals but also the smaller ones are growing. The latter includes the Avocadostore as a trading platform that brings together environmentally conscious and social buyers with like-minded sellers.

Trendy marketplace for sustainable clothing and everyday goods

Contrary to what the name might suggest, Avocadostore has a wide range that does not include food. The main categories for products are as follows:

  • women (fashion)
  • men (fashion)
  • children (fashion)
  • Housing and living

These categories are subdivided again, with furniture, decorative items, smartphones, and other products that match the categories being traded on the platform. Well-known brands such as the Demeter-certified brands Martina Gebhardt and Lavera are listed in the AvocadoStore.

In order to offer products on the platform yourself, you need fair-trade products that comply with Avocadostore’s guidelines. Avocadostore itself offers retailers the best conditions to finally receive the due appreciation and willingness to pay from customers in the organic segment. The platform’s popularity and sales grew by higher percentages than popular names like Zalando back in 2013–2016. The right marketplace for the wide-ranging and promising marketing of organic products is therefore given.

Fair dealers with a high level of customer awareness: You are welcome!

All retailers who show a high level of awareness of the environment and their customers will find the right partner in Avocadostore. The trading platform brings together environmentally conscious buyers and corresponding traders. However, selling under the trendy Avocadostore label requires every retailer to comply with certain criteria:

  • Fulfilment of the ten criteria for sustainability at Avocadostore (including raw materials from organic farming, resource-saving, and vegan)
  • Climate-neutral shipping to compensate for CO2 emissions
  • Adherence to the Avocadostore seller principles (including punctual dispatch of items, response to customer inquiries and complaints, and exclusive sale of new items)

For more information, see the Product Criteria and Seller Principles on the Avocado store website.

The effort involved in selling on Avocadostore is mostly justified for retailers with sustainable, green, and social products. While high-quality products occasionally go under on other portals, the right staging is possible on Avocadostore. The likelihood of being heard by the personal target group is higher. Arguments for the products are also better understood by the customers.

Environmental awareness is growing, especially among younger consumers, according to surveys. Altogether, a sobering conclusion is drawn, but the trend towards environmentally conscious products has been positive for years. Given the popularity and constant growth of the trading platform, it is realistic for “green traders” on Avocado store to get a small to large piece of the pie of success.

A transparent commission model rounds off the services.

Avocadostore has set up a simple, easily calculable commission model:

  • €149 one-time registration fee
  • €25 monthly marketplace fee
  • 17% commission of the gross sales price

VAT will be added to all amounts. Articles can be published in the shop indefinitely and free of charge. Based on the fact that Avocadostore helps you get through to your target group and has low ongoing fees, the conditions can be classified as fair. Depending on the product range, Avocadostore can either represent a good additional source of income for Amazon and Co. or become a lucrative primary marketplace for green retailers.

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