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10 tips for the Facebook Ads Manager


Facebook Ads Manager: 10 Tips for Everyday Life

Facebook Ads are the drivers for successful online marketing performance. In this blog post, we will show you how you can use the Facebook Ads Manager profitably for your Facebook Ads Management. We have put together tips for you from our Facebook ad agency for everyday life. Here we go!

Facebook Ads Manager Tip 1: Use the Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel is a Facebook analytics tool that allows you to track the actions of Facebook users who interact with your ads. The Facebook pixel is created in the Facebook Ads Manager and, when used correctly, can significantly increase the sales and success of the ads.

For example, with the help of the pixel, you are able to identify the people who have been on your website and bring them back to it in a later campaign.

Facebook Ads Manager Tip 2: Be patient and don’t give up too soon.

As with many things in life, it also applies here that everything does not always have to work perfectly the first time. Facebook ads are often a long-term investment, and not every prospect buys the product immediately after seeing the ad. Have faith in yourself and the strategy you are pursuing, and it will probably pay off eventually.

Facebook Ads Manager Tip 3: Learn from mistakes and evolve

The big advantage of the Facebook Business Manager is that you always have a detailed overview of all your campaigns and can keep a close eye on every development. If a campaign isn’t performing, see why it wasn’t performing, and then try to incorporate those insights into your next ad. This is how you improve step by step and thus increase your profit.

Facebook Ads Manager Tip 4: Try multiple ad formats

Experiment a lot, and always create several ads with different designs and ad formats in the ad groups at the beginning. You can always see which design is best received by the customer and use this knowledge in the future. Depending on the product, the performances can be very different, so don’t be afraid to experiment on the way to the perfect ad.

Facebook Ads Manager Tip 5: Use the right CTA button

The CTA, or call-to-action, button represents the call to action for the customer. This is particularly important in order not to scare off an interested Facebook user. If you advertise a product such as t-shirts that you want to sell and the CTA button says “Book now”, it may well be that the user is confused and does not click on the button.

Facebook Ads Manager Tip 6: Keep an eye on the frequency of your ads.

The frequency of an ad determines how often it is shown by the same person. This can be very important because, firstly, this person is often annoyed by the ad, which then transfers to the brand itself and may be lost as a future customer, and secondly, budget is wasted unnecessarily if the ad is played too often to the same person who has no intention to buy.

A little tip: If the frequency is too high, increase the target group so that the ads can be shown to more people.

Facebook Ads Manager Tip 7: Use the right form of address

After the images or videos, the ad text is often the first thing users look at in an ad. Two things are particularly important here: firstly, the right choice between “Du” or “Sie” and secondly, avoiding the general form “man”.

With “you” or “you” it is a question of the product or service which form you use, but for the most part you should use “you”. The reason for avoiding “man” is that this form is too generalised and does not encourage Facebook users to interact with the ad.

It is better to address potential customers directly and subconsciously ask them to take action.

Facebook Ads Manager Tip 8: Lure with added value

Facebook is a social media platform and not a shopping platform, which means that users are not on Facebook to shop or discover new products. It is particularly important to quickly show the customer an obvious added value, for which it is worth drawing his attention from Facebook to the product.

Discounts, sweepstakes, and free offers are particularly popular. The customer needs to feel like they’re getting something for interacting with the ad.

Facebook Ads Manager Tip 9: Use the Ideal Images

The images are probably even more important than the text; they are always the first thing that catches the eye of the Facebook user, and if they are well designed, this is the first step towards conversion.

Especially with advertisements that are shown on the edge of the page, it is crucial that the image can draw attention from the corner of the eye.

Facebook Ads Manager Tip 10: Remember to exclude audiences across multiple ads.

If you want to display ads to several target groups independently of each other, you must not forget to exclude the target groups of the other ad group.

For example, if you want to show an ad to all Facebook fans and one to all customers in the last 30 days, you have to exclude the customers from the fan ad and vice versa; otherwise, some users will receive ads twice, which is rather counterproductive.

Facebook Ads Manager: The Practical Tool for Everyday Use

Facebook ads are becoming increasingly popular, which is one more reason to use professional tools for ad management. The Facebook Ads Manager is a native tool that can support you in the management of your Facebook Ads .

We would also be happy to support you as a Facebook advertising agency—just get in touch with us!

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