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Online Marketing Strategies

online marketing strategies

Online marketing strategies for digital success

Online marketing is a wide field with different optimization fields. Companies are given various opportunities to contact customers and thus acquire new customers for their own company. However, a lot of potential is often left unattended at this point if the individual online marketing measures do not mesh and no sustainable synergies are generated. In this blog post, we would like to deal with online marketing and online marketing strategies and show you how to define the online marketing strategy for your company. Here we go!

The 3 pillars of the online marketing strategy

At its core, a company in the field of online marketing has three tasks that need to be mastered:

1. Branding (increasing awareness of the brand within your own target group)
2. Performance (identification of high-performance online marketing channels for more leads)
3. Customer retention (strengthening customer loyalty)

As part of our customer projects, we often see that companies focus on one core area and, for example, only operate performance-based online marketing and are not successful with it. The success of the example lies in the processing of all 3 areas and the generation of synergies between branding, performance, and customer loyalty.

Online marketing strategy: branding

At first glance, branding measures via video ads, search engine ads , display ads, or social media activities bring little sales, but only at first glance:

With branding measures, you address a large number of potential customers who you want to win for your own business model. A large number of people who might be interested in the company’s products can be reached relatively cheaply here. The analysis of performance shows: that, in the rarest of cases, direct conversion occurs. But that is not the task of branding; a brand rather provides the necessary trust and communicates the promise of performance. These measures benefit performance because the users who are reached via the performance ads already know the brand. This leads to lower acquisition costs in the performance area.

Online Marketing Strategy: Performance

Performance channels such as SEA, social media ads, or affiliate marketing bring deals. Combined with targeted branding, the acquisition costs are reduced in the long term at this point, and significantly more can be achieved with the existing performance budget. However, performance measures are often of a very short-term nature; if the campaigns are deactivated, there are no new customers from the performance area. For this reason, it makes sense not to rely exclusively on the performance channel, since this is where the advertising costs amortize the fastest, but also to invest in more long-term measures such as branding.

Online Marketing Strategy: Customer Loyalty

Customer retention measures are part of every online marketing strategy. Measures such as newsletters, customer relationship management programs, or remarketing ensure that existing customers are reactivated and encouraged to buy. If this succeeds, the customer lifetime value increases, and the profitability in the areas of branding and performance also increases since the acquisition costs for an existing customer are eliminated.

However, a customer base does not build up overnight and is therefore slowly scalable. For this reason, customer loyalty programs should be implemented at an early stage.

Our tips for your online marketing strategy

Generate synergies between the individual strategies and increase the long-term profitability of all online marketing measures. It is important to differentiate between long-term and short-term measures as part of the online marketing strategy and to define different KPIs for measuring success.

You should also take small steps: test the channels step by step, not all at once. Otherwise, important empirical values will be lost. Diversification is also elementary: spread the advertising risk over the long term across different online marketing channels and avoid dependencies on individual channels. With continuous testing, you build up decisive competitive advantages in the long term.

Conclusion on the online marketing strategy

The defined online marketing strategy determines the success of the individual measures. We are happy to support you as an online marketing agency with our consulting know-how in the implementation of a suitable online marketing strategy for your business model. Simply contact us without obligation!

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