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User Experience Design (UXD) in the online shop

user experience design

User Experience Design (UXD): Decisive for the Online Shop

A few years ago, it was still absolutely necessary to focus on usability, but today there is an increasing need to optimize your own online shop for user experience and thus to better convince the user. Thus, UXD measures are crucial for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

In this blog post, we would like to deal with User Experience Design (UXD) and the requirements for your own online shop. The goal is to convert users with better online shops into customers faster and better.

What is User Experience Design (UXD) anyway?

The user experience deals with functional and emotional factors that affect the customer journey and influence the purchase (conversion). Usability (user friendliness) is a decisive factor in the success of UXD. Only websites that can be used barrier-free benefit from conversions.

In addition to user-friendliness, emotions are also crucial, which arise on the basis of the web design and can be used to positively influence the user and lead them to buy.

In summary, the user experience deals with the experience of “joy of use.” It is therefore crucial to design a website or an online shop in such a way that the user can not only interact with the website content without barriers but is also emotionally engaged. In the following, we have put together elementary tips for your online shop that show how you can improve your UX in the online shop through targeted UXD.

User experience design tips for online shops

User Experience Design Tip 1: PageSpeed

Many online shop operators forget factors such as page speed in the context of UXD. Loading times are crucial for the speed of website construction. Users have little tolerance for slow-loading resources. Against this background, you should always keep an eye on the loading times of your online shop with Google PageSpeed Insight as an elementary user experience factor.

User Experience Design Tip 2: Mobile First

Likewise, the desktop version of the shop is always consulted when looking at the online shop. But today, in many cases, more than half of the access is via mobile devices, and the mobile version of the online shop does not receive as much attention as the desktop version.

User Experience Design Tip 3: Simple navigation and user intent

When designing category pages, you should think about user intent. What is the goal of a user who reaches the target page, and how can I best guide this user to his goal? At this point, you should think about design elements like flat or tile designs. Here, the user quickly gets an overview of the current navigation options and can navigate better through the page structure of the site.

User Experience Design Tip 4: A/B Testing Methodology

We recommend every online shop test their designs statistically, run design elements against each other in an A/B test, and use the higher-performance element for future landing pages. Only iterative testing of landing pages and design elements brings long-term success in improving the user experience.

User Experience Design Tip 5: Storytelling for the Joy of Use

We firmly believe that using a website should be fun, and users like nothing better than exciting stories and the classic hero’s journey. They want to be guided through an arc of suspense and encounter exciting details on their journey through the website. Attention to detail is always rewarded with satisfied users in web design.

User Experience Design Tip 6: Increase utility!

What’s in it for me? – In addition to usability, utility is also crucial. What added value does the online shop provide in addition to the physical distribution of goods? – Can I get guides, whitepapers, eBooks, or checklists here? – Think about how you can sustainably increase the utility of your online shop.

Conclusion on the user experience in the online shop

UX is a process that is not completed overnight. A lot of tests and considerations are required to keep improving the user experience and make the online shop more successful in the long term. The motto here is: It is better to take many small steps than to stumble with big steps.

As an experienced online marketing agency, we are happy to assist you in building the user experience. Simply contact our UX experts. We would be happy to show you how you can sustainably improve the UX of your online shop and thus increase sales.

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