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Manomano – marketplace for doers

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Until now, there has not been an online platform specifically for the do-it-yourself group. Manomano.de recognised this gap in the market and placed itself in an interesting niche.

The majority of the online sales of tools and building materials are covered by stationary suppliers: DIY stores, OBI, Hornbach, Toom, and various others make up the difference. However, the French company Manomano has discovered gaps and has set itself the ambitious goal of serving the DIY niche online in a way that no provider has ever done before: by tempting prospects for discerning customers and salespeople!

Manomano Conditions for Sellers

Manomano makes it easy for sellers. In order to create success in an industry that has hardly existed online until now, no barriers have been put in the way of traders on the platform. There is a link to the registration form on the partner page. After this has been filled out with the typical data required for trading, almost every dealer with a suitable offer can be sure of being admitted to the listing. Then you can get down to business.

  • The products are categorised on the basis of a data feed provided by the platform operators.
  • The sellers may link to cross-selling products themselves on the sales pages.
  • Shipping is done by the seller; there is still no fulfilment offer available.
  • Data on orders is automatically transmitted to sellers, and interfaces to shops and sales systems of dealers are possible for a simple process.
  • Disbursement is made from the escrow account either once or several times a month.

A few dealers from the DIY and hardware store branches have already dared to make the leap into online business. With Manomano, this is possible in addition to your own shop. Merely using Manomano as a sales channel can also be sufficient for retailers to achieve good sales figures. The operators of the platform support the dealers in internationalisation with continuous service on a wide variety of issues and place highly professional advertising so that the target groups are adequately reached.

The mission is ambitious.

From the start, Manomano’s mission seemed ambitious: targeting Germany as the preferred market and achieving high sales figures there. The stationary providers on the Internet were too established. But Manomano discovered gaps in the market. As a result, none of the brick-and-mortar providers could cover the functionalities of online platforms with their offerings. There were hardly any bargains through price comparisons, and advice was only given on site in the shops.

The results so far are impressive!

Digital advice for customers via the so-called manodvisors is well received by customers. The online purchase is thus supplemented by high-quality, individual advice. The price savings, which even put pressure on Amazon’s hardware store segment, were also well received. 121% growth in 2019 compared to 2018 in Germany shows that Manomano’s mission has been successful so far. In addition, a fulfilment system is in the works, which is to be introduced in Germany in 2020.

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