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Google Ads Similar Audiences

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Remarketing is an important part of online marketing for most businesses. Re-engaging with users who have already shown interest in a particular product or service in various forms is actually always a profitable proposition. However, the painstakingly collected customer data can also be used for something else. In this article, you can find out how you can also use your remarketing lists to increase your reach and bring new, already pre-qualified people to your website.

How Google Ads Similar Audiences work:

Let’s start with an example that explains how Similar Audiences work. Let’s say you own a shop in which you sell different types of clothing. Now you’ll create a remarketing list of the customers who bought or viewed a t-shirt from you. In order to now sell your t-shirts to people who have not had any contact with your page before, you can either create a fairly broad and imprecise target group, which can be, for example, people with the interest fashion, etc., or you can use Similar Audiences. The search behaviour of the users is taken from the addressed remarketing list, and Google then selects possible interested parties who have similar or the same search behaviour. For example, if someone searched for “summer clothing” before completing their t-shirt purchase, a Similar Audience would target users who were also searching for “summer clothing.”

In summary, the system uses existing information about customers to develop a list of potential new customers whose search behaviour is similar or even identical to that of existing customers.

It is also important to mention here that no confidential information is used when creating Similar Audiences . This excludes search queries that relate to specific areas such as ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, or the physical or mental health of the user.

Benefits of Similar Audiences:

  • You can target a whole new group of potential customers.
  • Similar Audiences are simple, uncomplicated, and automatically play out to the right target groups.
  • You increase your range quickly and without much work.
  • If the search behaviour of your existing customers changes, the Similar Audiences also change automatically. So after setting it up once, you never have to make changes to the Similar Audiences again.

The use of Similar Audiences is therefore not only a very simple but also a very effective method of acquiring new customers and thus increasing sales. By evaluating internal Google data, it was determined that companies using Similar Audiences were able to increase their impressions by up to 60%, their clicks by up to 48%, and their conversions by up to 41%.

Conclusion on Similar Audiences:

Setting up Similar Audiences for your Google Ads is without a doubt highly recommended. The ads are easy to use and, in the best-case scenario, can help generate new customers much more easily and cheaply. So if you feel that your ads performance could be improved, don’t waste any more time and start using Similar Audiences right away.

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