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Facebook ads retargeting strategies

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Our 6 best Facebook retargeting strategies

Retargeting is the mainstay of many Facebook advertising accounts. After all, it makes sense that users who have been prequalified in a certain way for your ads are more likely to be willing to make a purchase than random users or users selected by interests, for example. That’s why it’s so important to optimise your retargeting processes to significantly improve your performance. In the following article, we will show you how to optimise your retargeting processes and what different methods you can use.

1. Dynamic retargeting

Dynamic retargeting is the first and most basic item on this list. These are campaigns that run continuously after a one-off setting and dynamically display certain products from your product catalogue to the selected users. For example, users are the ones who viewed certain products on your site or even added them to the cart. These people are then shown those products again. Not only are these users generally pre-qualified by the fact that they are definitely interested in your brand in general, but you can also be sure that they will only see products in which they have already expressed an interest.
We recommend this. Always use the retargeting method. It is also not difficult to set up; after a few simple steps, the campaign runs almost by itself. The only thing you should worry about is optimising the target groups. You can’t really do much wrong here, but you should try a little bit until you have found the optimal target groups. For example, you could run several different ad groups in parallel to find the top performer.

2. Use video views.

Videos are a very popular way to quickly generate traffic and attention on Facebook. Videos that are well made are also quite capable of doing this job reliably. But you can also use the videos for effective retargeting. The “Custom Audiences”, i.e., the target groups you set up individually, allow you to create an extra target group for users who have viewed one or more of your videos. Among other things, you can select whether the respective user has watched the video in its entirety or how long he must have watched it for at least so that you can classify him as a potential prospect.
No matter what you choose here, a user who watches one of your advertising videos is, in any case, a potential prospect and is already familiar with the product if you then display further ads to him. Therefore, we recommend that whenever videos are used to generate clicks and traffic, the data collected there should also be used for retargeting.

3. Target visitors to specific pages.

Very similar to the previous method, this one also works with users who have already put themselves on the list of potential buyers through certain behaviours. Unlike the videos, this can also happen when you visit certain websites. For example, if someone looks at a landing page you created for a specific product group, it makes sense to take this person with you to the next funnel step and show them ads for this product group again. All you have to do is create a Custom Audience consisting of people who clicked on a specific link.

4. Use an email list.

Every company knows the problem. You have many former customers that you haven’t heard from or interacted with for a long time. Now, of course, the question arises of how to first identify these people and then get them back on board. For this, we recommend that you use your email list. This can give you the data you need, as it tells you which of your customers have not opened any emails for a long time or have not interacted with you for a long time. You can then use this data to create a custom audience, which you can then use to precisely serve ads. As a small addition, it could be important here that you make the ad as personal as possible. For example, a headline like “We missed you” or something similar might help.

5. The final stage before buying

The final stage before purchasing consists of adding the product to the shopping cart. Unfortunately, this final station is often the end of the journey for the customer. For various reasons, it often happens that people choose products and then put them in the shopping cart, but then, for some reason, they don’t make a purchase. This can be due to the fact that they decide against a purchase, that they want to wait, or that they simply forget. No matter which of these cases has occurred, these people have always qualified to be contacted by you again. Here, too, a custom audience enables you to specifically address users who have put one or more products in their shopping cart. Dynamic retargeting, or targeting with generic ads to bring you back to your brand, is entirely up to you.

6. The perfect timing

Retargeting ads are definitely one of the less complex areas of Facebook ads. A lot runs automatically and dynamically, and a well-designed funnel is like a well-oiled machine. Nevertheless, it needs a few fine-tunings, which you must not ignore. Perfect timing is particularly important. Fundamental to retargeting is often not the ad itself, because it is the point at which you address the person again who can decide on a purchase. If it’s too early, the user might be annoyed by you and find you intrusive; if the ad is too late, he might have forgotten you and lost interest. So you realise that it’s certainly not easy to get the perfect timing. Therefore, you should test different time periods to determine the top performer.
This is also particularly important for the target group of website visitors. This target group is aimed at all people who have visited one or more pages and thus become part of the funnel. Often, you haven’t even shown any interest in a specific product; you just came across your company. Especially with such people, it is important to address them again at the right time.

Our conclusion on retargeting strategies

Our experience with a wide variety of companies shows that retargeting has great potential for every type of product. So if you know how to use it properly, you can significantly improve your Facebook ad performance. Proper handling means that you have extensive knowledge of the many different methods of retargeting and are able to choose the most effective method for you and your products from the many methods.

If you need help with this or have any questions about Facebook retargeting strategies, please feel free to contact us for a free initial consultation.

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