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Conversion rate optimization for B2B companies

conversion rate optimization b2b

CRO for B2B companies: more net from gross

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is an important measure to increase the profitability of your advertising activities (ROAS = Return on Advertising Spent). In this blog post, we want to deal with the optimization of the conversion rate, especially in the B2B environment, since the challenges in optimization differ significantly from the B2C area.

The aim of the article is to show you which levers you can use in conversion rate optimization in the B2B area and thus use them profitably for your company. Sounds exciting? – Alright, let’s go!

Conversion Rate Optimization: The Basics

In short, Conversion rate optimization starts with an analysis of the website and ends with the optimization of the target pages. Extensive individual measures take place that have a significant impact on the success of your online marketing efforts.

The conversion itself describes the transformation of an interested party into an economically relevant contact (e.g., a request for quotation). In order to make the offer appear more attractive, there are many adjustment screws that we will present to you, but first of all, we should distinguish between B2B conversion rate optimization and B2C conversion rate optimization.

B2B conversion rate optimization vs. B2C conversion rate optimization

In both B2B and B2C businesses, conversion rate optimization is of crucial importance among online marketing measures since the output is maximised with the same use of resources, which means The profitability of your measures increases and, in the best case, the profit. Investments in conversion rate optimization are therefore influential on profit and minimise specific advertising risk.

In the B2B/BB2C comparison, however, there is a crucial difference. In B2B businesses, the conversion value is usually significantly higher than in B2C businesses. Compare a T-shirt purchase with a major order won in the B2B environment. Each conversion can be worth significantly more here, but it definitely requires more effort on the provider’s side. So that not only the quantity of the conversions but also the quality play a decisive role.

Conversion rate optimization in the B2B environment

As we have just learned, conversion rate optimization is of particular importance in the B2B environment. In this context, we would like to give you hands-on tips that will allow you to quickly increase the conversion rate.

B2B CRO Tip 1: Create personas

Who is your target group, and how can you best address them? Personas address this question. Buyer personas divide your heterogeneous target groups into homogeneous sub-target groups and give them a face. With your defined stereotypes, or personas, you can align advertising messages and communication much more closely with your customers.

Thinking about the so-called pain points of the customers is of particular importance since you can better understand what your potential customers are really concerned about and make better recommendations.

B2B CRO tip 2: Landing page optimization

The landing page is crucial for the conversion rate. You should only send traffic according to the intentions to pages that fit thematically and optimally answer the specific intention. Deliver exactly the content for your target group on the landing page and give the page structure.

In addition, you should consider the following when optimizing your B2B landing page:

Bring CTAs to your page. With buttons that prompt you to take action, you give your user the right idea and guide them to conversion or contact.

Use A/B testing tools like Google Optimize. This software allows you to test hypotheses about your traffic’s behaviour and the effectiveness of different variants. Here, you generate important insights into the behaviour of your website visitors for conversion rate optimization.

In addition to A/B testing software, heatmaps are also a good way to learn more about your users. With heatmap software like MouseFlow, you can analyse the cumulative user behaviour of your customers and thus optimize the landing page.

B2B CRO tip 3: Brand awareness

One factor that is often underestimated is brand awareness. If a prospect already knows your brand, they are much more likely to convert.

For this reason, you should not only invest exclusively in media-spent performance channels but also in reach and the brand.

B2B CRO Tip 4: Content Optimization

The content on a website has a trust-building task. Content and users should convince. In content marketing in particular, you can use your content to pick up the user from where he is thematically.

Whether they are looking for information, a procurement opportunity, or other interactions, you can actively support them with your content.

B2B CRO tip 5: Team representation

I am particularly interested in services. Who processes my order? Here you should spend resources to put your team in the right light and to present it optimally on the website. Use the competence of your employees and make a good impression by showing your potential B2B customers your face.

B2B CRO tip 6: Technology focus

Pay special attention to fast-landing websites. Page speed is a hygiene factor. If your website takes too long to load, the user will be gone before it really gets going. You should also give enough thought to tracking.

How can conversions occur, and can I assign them to my traffic sources?

Only those who are in control of their data can optimize accordingly at this point and influence the user journey in a targeted manner.

Conclusion on conversion rate optimization in the B2B environment

The key success factor in conversion rate optimization is testing. Stay active and question the status quo of yesterday. Optimization potential lurks in every corner of your website, just waiting to be discovered.

Unfortunately, you don’t always see them at first glance. Professional tools and conversion rate optimization agencies like ours help to leverage this potential. We look forward to your inquiry!

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