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Tips for Facebook carousel ads

tips for facebook carousel

Facebook Carousel Ads: Our Tips for Practise!

You want to learn about our Tips for Facebook carousel ads? Facebook offers anyone who wants to place advertising various advertising formats as ways to reach new customers and convince them of their own services. One of them is the carousel ad, an advertising format on Facebook, which we want to pay special attention to in this blog post!

Charming advantages of Facebook’s advertising format are, for example, the possibility of presenting the user with a larger range of products and, on the other hand, using greater design freedom to provide the user with a suitable offer through creative tactics.

Structure of Facebook carousel ads

Between 2 and 10 images and videos can be advertised in the carousel ad. Each image or video has its own card, the structure of which is similar to that of an ad with a single image. So there is a high-level text intended to promote the product, service, or page, a headline on the card, and optional description text. In terms of structure, it is as if you had several individual ads that you now put together.

This also offers the advantage, for example, that you can link each card and the products shown on it individually, so the customer is immediately connected to the product of his interest without the hassle of detours via your site. Conveniently, they do not have to do without the link on their main page, as the last page of their carousel ad is used for this.

Facebook Carousel Ads: Images or Videos?

You can add images and videos to the carousel ad, both of which have their pros and cons. With the help of videos, their ads can become even more lively, and there is the possibility to present the videos as a dynamic interaction in order to promote the products even better.

Of course, it must be noted that the potential customers did not primarily come to Facebook to shop there, which is why most users are probably not willing to watch an entire video to find out more about the product at the end. Therefore, the videos should ideally present the product adequately at first glance in order to attract the attention of the Facebook user quickly enough.

While images are a little more limited in their creative possibilities than videos, they can grab the attention of customers who may not be interested in watching a film.

Ultimately, of course, it always depends on what kind of product you want to advertise. For example, if it is a very well-known product that many people use every day, a video is not as good as if a product that is perhaps not so well-known is advertised with a video that shows and explains how the product is used.

Benefits and practical tips

With the help of carousel ads, you, as a user, are able to tell your potential customers a living story about your products, which is spread across the individual cards.

In many cases, Facebook carousel ads attract customers’ attention faster and more because, if customers are not interested in the first item presented, the carousel format can encourage them to scroll through the various cards around them to view all products. This creates the first interaction between the customer and the products, their website, or their shop.

Carousel ads are highly variable and can be applied differently in different industries. The simplest option is to have each card promote a single product. Pictures and videos are possible. For example, as an online shop, you can simply present your bestsellers there individually.

Another option would be to present a product with multiple cards. It would then be possible to illuminate several facets of a product. In addition, companies that do not offer physical products but offer services, for example, can use the individual cards of the carousel ad to present the various advantages of their company.

Here is a little practical tip from our daily Facebook ad optimization:

If you are dependent on a uniform order for your carousel display, for example, because you want to display several parts of an overall picture, you must deactivate the automatic optimization function. Otherwise, it can quickly happen that the optimized ad rotation brings “disorder” to your advertising material.

Our conclusion

In conclusion, it can be said that carousel ads offer a good alternative to normal ads, regardless of whether you want to show several articles, an article with its different facets, or a story or event with your customers.

The carousel ads offer the perfect opportunity for this. They can be used very creatively, offer a lot of space, and, ideally, ensure active interaction with Facebook users.

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