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What is it?

TikTok has created an analogue of the Meta Ads Library where you can analyze competitor ads. Top performing ads are displayed by TikTok Creative Center upon your request and they can be filtered by:

  • Country
  • Industry (niches and sub-niches)
  • Objective (ad campaign goal e.g., lead generation or traffic)

But that’s not even all! You can check engagement and internal statistics like CTR or conversion rate. We will cover everything below!

Why do you need it?

TikTok Ads Library is a must-have tool for SMM specialists, marketers, product owners, and business owners used for inspiration and to analyze competition.

If you are lacking inspiration on which videos to shoot in order to create high converting ads, TikTok Creative Center will solve your problem! You may even use some ideas to make TikToks.

Overview of TikTok Creative Center

Open the Top Ads page in TikTok Creative Center. Here you will find a feed with settings and filters.

TikTok Ads library


You can sort ads by the following settings:

  • Country. You can select the country where ads are being displayed.

TikTok Ads library country screenshot

  • Industry. Select one or multiple industries. You can also select subcategories.

TikTok Ads library industry screenshot

  • Objective. You can select ads based on campaign goals.

TikTok Ads library objective screenshot

  • Likes. You can display ads according to likes. Top 1-20% are most liked ads (high view, likes, conversion). Top 81-100% ads have the worst performance.

TikTok Ads library likes screenshot

  • Duration. You can select the duration of the ads. We suggest testing this setting. Perhaps the best performing ads in your niche are longer than 40 seconds.

TikTok Ads library duration screenshot

  • Time. The higher the time frame, the more ads to display.

TikTok Ads library time screenshot


TikTok Ads library filters screenshot

TikTok Ads Library filters:

  • For you – The most relevant ads based on your profile.
  • Reach – The amount of people the ad reached. Do not confuse reach with views. Reach refers to how many users the ad reached, as a user may view an ad multiple times. This differentiation is useful when monitoring ads performance.
  • CTR – Click-through rate. The best ads usually have high CTR.
  • 2s and 6s Views Rates – It indicates how many seconds the ad was seen. Take note of the ads with 6+s View Rate. These ads are usually extremely relevant to customers.

How to analyze ads


Once you click on an ad you will be transferred to the ad’s landing page. On the top you can share the ad with your colleagues or copy the link as a reference.

On the right and left sides there are arrows for quick navigation.

To follow, the country, industry, goals and engagement are listed.

TikTok Ads library parameters screenshot

The most important parameters to check are:

  • CTR – click-through rate is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions.
  • CVR – conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of conversions by the number of clicks.
  • Clicks – number of clicks for that moment.
  • Conversion – number of conversions for that moment.
  • Remain – it shows the number of users who are still watching at that moment.

Ad analysis

Below we will analyze an ad with the TikTok Creative Center tool. We will take into consideration the ad from the screenshot above.

The ad is promoting bottles. The campaign goal is conversions, purchase. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to see the landing page.

CTR is less than average for this niche, only top 57% in the industry. The advertiser can build new creatives to increase CTR, which leads to cheaper clicks and usually cheaper conversions. You can see the graph with spikes. Each spike shows when the ad was clicked in the video. Analyze what triggers the clicks.

TikTok Ads library CTR screenshot

The CVR graph pattern is identical to CTR. This means that clicks generate conversions. The CVR is top 6% of the industry average. The high CVR rate indicates that the information on the landing page is relevant to the viewer.

TikTok Ads library CVR screenshot

Clicks. The graph shows only the amount of clicks with values 0-100 for each second.

TikTok Ads library clicks screenshot

Conversion. The amount of conversions is proportional to the amount of clicks. It‘s interesting noting that most of the conversions are driven within 12 seconds. It means that the first part of the video contains high-converting content. There are also spikes between the 28-37 second, where the content drives users to buy. Conversion rating is top 2% in the industry. Despite the low CTR, the content sells well to the audience that is interested in this type of product.

TikTok Ads library conversion screenshot

Remain. Most users scroll the video within 3 seconds.

TikTok Ads library remain screenshot

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