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Making data-driven decisions has never been easier.

Turn insight into action, cut down analysis time, and change behaviors that help everyone be more data-driven across the business. Here’s what we can do for you:

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Sin dalla sua fondazione nel 2012, SaphirSolution è cresciuta costantemente. Attualmente siamo un team di 60 persone distribuite in due paesi con piani di ulteriore espansione in Europa. Offriamo diversi servizi di performance marketing a piccole e grandi aziende.

SaphirSolution è orgogliosa di tutti i suoi progetti, piccoli e grandi.

Offriamo supporto a una varietà di clienti: startup appena avviate che vogliono scalare e crescere, aziende consolidate che vogliono digitalizzare il loro marketing e grandi aziende come Volvo, Polestar o Peugeot che vogliono ottimizzare le loro prestazioni di marketing digitale.

Siamo un'agenzia di performance marketing a servizio completo. Offriamo assistenza durante l'intero customer journey: dall'ideazione, alla realizzazione del sito web, alla gestione delle campagne di marketing, all'aumento delle vendite e dei lead.

I nostri servizi includono: SEO, pubblicità a pagamento (search, social media), gestione dei social media, marketing di affiliazione, sviluppo web, analisi web, ottimizzazione marketplace.
I nostri team lavorano insieme per identificare i problemi e sviluppare soluzioni non solo nel proprio ambito di lavoro, ma anche negli altri canali di marketing. Instauriamo sinergie tra i vari dipartimenti.

Ci riteniamo il tuo partner, un ramo del tuo dipartimento di marketing. Molto più di un rapporto tra cliente e fornitore di servizi.
Garantiamo assistenza ovunque e in qualsiasi momento. Il nostro approccio full-service diventa importante in quanto nel nostro team sono presenti specialisti per ogni settore del marketing digitale.
Il nostro obiettivo è di offrirvi la libertà di concentrarvi sulla strategia e sulla crescita della vostra azienda, delegando a noi i compiti operativi. Insieme, definiamo la migliore strategia di marketing digitale adatta alle vostre esigenze.

Better Analysis with Google Looker Studio

We put an end to data clutter and prepare your data in attractive and informative reports so that you can quickly keep an eye on the current developments in your online marketing activities and make valid decisions. As a Google Looker Studio Agency, we have made it our task to automate reporting and develop dashboards that are easy to read and therefore easy to understand for all decision-makers.

Our goal is help you make better decisions.

Bring your data into an attractive and professional reporting form with our services as a Google Looker Studio Agency and the range of functions of Google Looker Studio. We would be happy to assist you with the conception and implementation.

Looker Studio is a powerful data visualization tool. The Looker Studio allows access to various data sources such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, YouTube, Google Sheets and many more – this enables us as an agency to create central and interactive reports / dashboards with which you:

• be able to measure the performance of your online marketing activities

• be able to understand the customer journey with the help of attribution models

• be able to segment and understand target groups better

• be able to better determine the value of the customer lifetime value

In this way you can quickly see which customers and channels are most profitable for you and where your advertising budget is best invested. We create visual reports and dashboards for you, which can have different focuses.

The focus can be in the area of eCommerce and the key figures can be designed in monetary terms. Or we create dedicated dashboards according to your wishes for your social media activities or YouTube. 

As an agency for online marketing activities, dashboards are a daily standard for us. This is where we initiate developments and countermeasures. With the know-how from numerous projects, we are happy to support you with our expertise in dashboards design.

We implement conceptualized dashboards technically and accompany the roll-out so that the data is available to all those involved in a form that can be interpreted by them. Better decision-making processes can be implemented with the help of Google Looker Studio.

As an agency for Google Looker Studio Reporting and Dashboards, we have already designed and implemented the following types of dashboards:

• Google Analytics Dashboard

• Google AdWords Dashboard

• Bing Ads Dashboard

• Facebook Ads Dashboard

• Google Display Network Dashboard

• Affiliate Marketing Dashboard

• Online Marketing Dashboard

• UX Dashboard

• YouTube Dashboard

• TV & Radio Dashboard

• Your individual Google Data Studio Dashboard

The possibilities are great. We are happy to create a dashboard template for your company with Google Data Studio and help you analyze data faster, make better decisions and report easier.

With Google Looker Studio you have a variety of options for visualizing data from different sources. By doing this, you can give different stakeholders direct access to the data they need, so that they can make relevant business decisions without creating time-consuming reports with EXCEL and Pivot Tables.

With Google Looker Studio and individualized dashboards, you have time again for the essentials and can focus on evaluating the data and making relevant decisions. This convenience is a game changer for many companies in a world overloaded with information.

As a Google Looker Studio Agency, we not only support you in visualizing data from Google products such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console or YouTube, but also have the option to connect various external data sources, such as ads data from Facebook, native ads with Outbrain or data from your ERP system. Even data from SEO tools such as SISTRIX or CRM data from tools such as HubSpot do not pose any major challenges for the Google Data Studio.

With Google Looker Studio you are limitless. You have numerous possibilities to merge and organize data. The sources and the structure of the data are secondary.

What is the process of creating a Google Looker Studio with SaphirSolution? Step 1 is always creating the requirement. The requirement profile is decisive for the overall project. We won’t leave you alone here. In a Google Looker Studio workshop, we will show you and your stakeholders the possibilities of Google Looker Studio and outline the first implementation options with your departments. As for the next step, we check the feasibility of the data sources within the Google Looker Studio workshop:

• Is all the data recorded correctly, or does the data collection have to be tracked with the Google Tag Manager?

• Has the data a correct structure or does it need to be improved?

Once we have the requirements, we define the profile and create a roadmap with the relevant milestones for the realization of the Data Studio view. Later, we implement the dashboards with your corporate design. In addition, we can place your dashboards with Google Analytics tracking so that you can constantly optimize the use of the dashboard.

Simply contact our Google Data Studio specialists. We are happy to support you in setting up an easy and meaningful reporting landscape!

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