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Sin dalla sua fondazione nel 2012, SaphirSolution è cresciuta costantemente. Attualmente siamo un team di 60 persone distribuite in due paesi con piani di ulteriore espansione in Europa. Offriamo diversi servizi di performance marketing a piccole e grandi aziende.

SaphirSolution è orgogliosa di tutti i suoi progetti, piccoli e grandi.

Offriamo supporto a una varietà di clienti: startup appena avviate che vogliono scalare e crescere, aziende consolidate che vogliono digitalizzare il loro marketing e grandi aziende come Volvo, Polestar o Peugeot che vogliono ottimizzare le loro prestazioni di marketing digitale.

Siamo un'agenzia di performance marketing a servizio completo. Offriamo assistenza durante l'intero customer journey: dall'ideazione, alla realizzazione del sito web, alla gestione delle campagne di marketing, all'aumento delle vendite e dei lead.

I nostri servizi includono: SEO, pubblicità a pagamento (search, social media), gestione dei social media, marketing di affiliazione, sviluppo web, analisi web, ottimizzazione marketplace.
I nostri team lavorano insieme per identificare i problemi e sviluppare soluzioni non solo nel proprio ambito di lavoro, ma anche negli altri canali di marketing. Instauriamo sinergie tra i vari dipartimenti.

Ci riteniamo il tuo partner, un ramo del tuo dipartimento di marketing. Molto più di un rapporto tra cliente e fornitore di servizi.
Garantiamo assistenza ovunque e in qualsiasi momento. Il nostro approccio full-service diventa importante in quanto nel nostro team sono presenti specialisti per ogni settore del marketing digitale.
Il nostro obiettivo è di offrirvi la libertà di concentrarvi sulla strategia e sulla crescita della vostra azienda, delegando a noi i compiti operativi. Insieme, definiamo la migliore strategia di marketing digitale adatta alle vostre esigenze.

Why Facebook Marketing with SaphirSolution?

SaphirSolution is a 360° online marketing agency, which means that the entire online marketing process can be outsourced to us. This gives you more time to take care of internal company matters. Our young, motivated team offers comprehensive solutions for your digital presence and provides you with a contact person. Experience and passion for online marketing is what distinguishes us and makes us the ideal partner for you.

Why is Facebook Marketing important for your business?

Social media marketing is an important part of the online marketing mix. Facebook marketing includes all activities and measures on media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Co. that enables a company to achieve its goals. Social media is mainly used for personal marketing purposes and helps with branding and range as well as for building customer loyalty through interaction with followers.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Facts about Facebook

Need More Arguments? We look forward to talking to you personally about the possibilities of Facebook.

If you are now curious about our skills in Facebook marketing, take a look at the offers for the other channels. With Instagram and Pinterest, you are particularly addressing the visually affine follower. You make important B2B contacts via LinkedIn, while YouTube and TikTok are the most important video platforms today.

If you have any further questions, please use our contact form to get in touch or book an appointment with the consulting team. Get started now with SaphirSolution as your partner!

Facebook Advertising Agency

As a Facebook advertising agency, we take care of the campaign design, the development of suitable Facebook advertising formats and the clustering of the target groups. We focus on transparency, meaning that we monitor the campaign’s success through corresponding KPIs.

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. Facebook page operators are able to use the platform for marketing purposes. The ads which are placed on Facebook can be individually designed by the site owner or by a commissioner.

You can use your own images, write your own texts and display different Facebook ad formats, such as Facebook Carousel Ads.

You need to decide where to display the ads on Facebook, choose between mobile, desktop, or both, and establish how much money you want to spend on the ads. When it comes to the budget, targeting plays a major role. With Facebook’s targeting functions, you can define very precise target groups, to which the ads are then ultimately displayed. Demographic factors, people’s interests, behavior and occupations are used for this purpose.

The narrower the target group, the more expensive it is to display the ad, since it increases the chances of achieving a desired result. Even if Facebook ads placement can be a very multifaceted and complex undertaking, its correct implementation can lead to great success for the user and his company.

Examples of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can be designed and built in many different ways. The first step is to decide which ad format to use. The default formats are single image and carousel display. There are also instant experiences and collection ads.

In addition to the formats, the texts and the selection of images in the advertisements play an important role. The images should be as appealing as possible and present the product at its best. The same applies to the texts. These should ideally contain the most important information about the product and manage to catch the user’s attention and arouse his interest.

Another option is to automatically run the images in carousel ads and instant experiences. In this case, Facebook Business Manager takes the images from a media library that you can fill. The images are then automatically played out depending on the performance, which means that the best-performing images are played out primarily.

Possible goals of Facebook Ads:

Benefits of working with us as a Facebook Ads Agency:

Facebook Ads Strategy for Businesses:

1. If your site or brand/company does not yet have a large fan base or number of followers, the first step should be to gather such a group of fans. Increase your awareness and expand the reach of your Facebook page.

2. The next step is to get Facebook users to interact with your products/website.

3. The goal is to generate sales. Dynamic ads make it possible to show users exactly the product that they viewed on the website in step 2.

4. It is possible to draw the attention of old customers to the site again through offers or other campaigns and persuade them to make a new purchase.

What are the benefits of working with a Facebook Advertising Agency?

Facebook advertising is a field of online marketing that offers almost unlimited possibilities and potential. However, while the setup is often quite quick and easy, a good performance requires a much deeper understanding of the complex aspects of Facebook Ads. In order to understand and take advantage of these complex aspects, many choose to consult a Facebook advertising agency. Find out here why this is often the right decision!

1. Efficient use of high reach

Facebook is a platform that is currently being used by an incredible number of people. This large mass of users is also a large mass of potential new customers. Facebook advertising can therefore significantly increase both reach and brand awareness. However, correct management is required in order to achieve it.

2. Target groups

Anyone who has ever worked with Facebook ads knows that the numerous target groups are an important factor. There are countless options to get users to make a purchase, e.g., by targeting new customers (e.g., through demographic, interest-based, or lookalike targeting) and catching the attention of existing customers. However, if you want to have a clear perspective, you should already have some experience with Facebook ads. If you don’t have this experience, it will be very difficult for you to find the right target groups and behaviors for you.

3. Create the right ads

In addition to the target groups, the most important factor in a campaign is the ad itself. If the ad isn’t good, nobody will click on it, even if they form the perfect audience. It is not that easy to formulate what makes a good ad. It is always a combination of different factors. Images, the individual text elements and the call-to-action buttons are important. Good pictures and advertising text can often only be recognized by someone who already has experience in the field.

Why is SaphirSolution the ideal agency for you?

As we have now explained to you in detail, the topic of Facebook advertising is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. Success depends on many different things, which our agency can optimally support you with:

In addition to a non-binding initial consultation, we offer a free review of your previous Facebook campaigns in order to help you directly.

How much do Facebook Ads cost?

Many factors influence the ultimate price of Facebook advertising. The costs depend, among other things, on the chosen target group, the ad link and the competition.
Ads for highly competitive target groups are expensive. If you use niche target groups, your advertising costs will be cheaper.

On Facebook, the costs can be regulated daily, on campaign or runtime budget. This allows you to determine exactly how much money you want to spend on an advertising campaign or ad group. However, at least one euro must be invested every day.

To calculate your costs, you can choose between cost per click (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM). If nobody clicks on your ads with the CPC model, your budget will not be touched. Use Ads Manager to check your spending budget.

Facebook uses the bidding principle to place ads. The minimum cost per click is 0.01 US dollars. However, an advertising space cannot necessarily be guaranteed for the minimum bid. The average CPC is around 0.35 EUR per click (as of 2021). Attention, this is just a very rough estimation. The costs can be lower or far higher.

Facebook Ads Manager

In order to place Facebook ads, you need Facebook Ads Manager. This tool gives you the opportunity to manage ads and target groups. We would like to show you what options you have in Facebook Ads Manager to work efficiently.

Facebook Ads Manager – Set up an account

Once you have registered on Facebook, you automatically have an advertising account. You can set up your account via the left column on your Facebook page.

dropdown menu

By clicking on “Ads Manager” you will be taken to the Ads account. You can now use Facebook Business Manager to set up additional advertising accounts. You have the possibility to connect with other business managers as well.

Facebook Ads Manager Features

The Facebook Ads Manager allows you to manage all the ads and campaigns you have set up on Facebook and Instagram. You don’t need a separate ad manager for Instagram and Facebook, because you can set it up by controlling the placements.

The Facebook ads manager is basically divided into the campaign level, the ad group level and the ad level. You can find these three levels in Ads Manager.

facebook advertising screenshot

A few tools in Ads Manager will make your daily work easier. Functions such as editing, duplicating, rules, import or export and A/B testing are available to you. You can also download key metrics and custom views.

Facebook Ads Manager – Set up campaigns

Now you can start creating a campaign in Facebook Ads Manager. By clicking “+ Create” a window will open asking for your campaign goal. Here you can choose the right one from 11 variants.

facebook campaign setup screenshot

This is a campaign-level setting. Another setting at this level is the budget.

On the next level you can set up a budget, choose your audience and your placements. An important factor at the ad group level is target groups. You can limit these by location, gender and age as well as interests, life events, behavior and more.

The next level in Facebook Ads Manager is the ad level. Here you can insert your pictures and texts and thus design your ads. The preview shows you what the ad will look like on Facebook and Instagram.

facebook campaign setup screenshot

If you are happy with your ad, you can review and upload it.

You can upload your ads to Facebook and Instagram. Which channel should you opt for? This topic will be examined in more detail in the next section.

Facebook vs. Instagram

Companies like to use Facebook and Instagram to increase reach, interact with the target group and promote articles. You might be wondering which channel to choose for this purpose. Where do you get better results?

Facebook vs. Instagram users

After YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social networks. If we talk about the concrete number of users, Facebook has the clear lead. In the last quarter of 2020, the platform had 1.8 billion daily users worldwide. This compares to Instagram with 1 billion users worldwide. Nevertheless, the platform has been able to steadily increase its user numbers in recent years.

A clear difference in the users between the two platforms is age. Facebook is particularly popular among users aged 30-39. The platform has lost much of its popularity among 16 and 29-year-old in recent years. On the other hand, Instagram performs better among young people: 80% of 16 and 19-year-old and 82% of 20 and 30-year-old use Instagram.

Facebook vs. Instagram formats

Clear differences between Facebook and Instagram can be seen in the format. The Instagram network was created to share photos, which still plays a major role today. However, videos in the form of reels, stories and IGTV are now also very popular. Texts take up less space on Instagram and links can only be used via the ads.

On the other hand, on Facebook you can store very long texts and place links to events, offers or articles. In addition, on Facebook you can comment on posts and share them directly in your own feed. On Instagram, this is only possible via the story function.

Facebook vs. Instagram ads

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, advertisements play a major role for companies on both platforms. More and more users started producing their own content, but the feed space was not increasing. Facebook and Instagram had to prioritize which posts to display. Facebook in particular has been focusing on personal interactions between private individuals since 2018, making it increasingly difficult for companies to achieve large organic reach.

However, this can be avoided by placing ads both on Facebook and Instagram with Facebook Ads Manager. You can decide who to reach based on demographics, behavior, and interests.

Facebook vs. Instagram – Which network suits you better?

Which social network is right for you? There is no right answer to this question. Both have great potential to reach many people. Therefore, the question here is which target group you want to reach.

Instagram is more likely to reach young people under 30. Since this network relies heavily on images and videos, it’s a creative place where only high-definition content can keep you ahead of the competition.

Beautiful pictures are also in demand on Facebook. Moreover, here you have the opportunity to communicate through texts. You also have a wider range of formats, such as events, Q&A or fundraisers.

Your target group decides which network is right for you.

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