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You don’t have to be an expert to grow your online business.

Here’s how we can help as an analytics agency.

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Sin dalla sua fondazione nel 2012, SaphirSolution è cresciuta costantemente. Attualmente siamo un team di 60 persone distribuite in due paesi con piani di ulteriore espansione in Europa. Offriamo diversi servizi di performance marketing a piccole e grandi aziende.

SaphirSolution è orgogliosa di tutti i suoi progetti, piccoli e grandi.

Offriamo supporto a una varietà di clienti: startup appena avviate che vogliono scalare e crescere, aziende consolidate che vogliono digitalizzare il loro marketing e grandi aziende come Volvo, Polestar o Peugeot che vogliono ottimizzare le loro prestazioni di marketing digitale.

Siamo un'agenzia di performance marketing a servizio completo. Offriamo assistenza durante l'intero customer journey: dall'ideazione, alla realizzazione del sito web, alla gestione delle campagne di marketing, all'aumento delle vendite e dei lead.

I nostri servizi includono: SEO, pubblicità a pagamento (search, social media), gestione dei social media, marketing di affiliazione, sviluppo web, analisi web, ottimizzazione marketplace.
I nostri team lavorano insieme per identificare i problemi e sviluppare soluzioni non solo nel proprio ambito di lavoro, ma anche negli altri canali di marketing. Instauriamo sinergie tra i vari dipartimenti.

Ci riteniamo il tuo partner, un ramo del tuo dipartimento di marketing. Molto più di un rapporto tra cliente e fornitore di servizi.
Garantiamo assistenza ovunque e in qualsiasi momento. Il nostro approccio full-service diventa importante in quanto nel nostro team sono presenti specialisti per ogni settore del marketing digitale.
Il nostro obiettivo è di offrirvi la libertà di concentrarvi sulla strategia e sulla crescita della vostra azienda, delegando a noi i compiti operativi. Insieme, definiamo la migliore strategia di marketing digitale adatta alle vostre esigenze.

Our Services

Google Analytics is a free web analysis tool for every website. It checks existing websites in order to provide you with data on user behavior. It also tracks your online marketing performance, thus increasing efficiency in the long term.

As a Google Analytics certified agency, we help you set up your Google Analytics account and link it to Google AdWords. In addition to setting up your Google Analytics account, we support you in the following areas:

Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager

In addition to the professional setup of your Google Analytics account, we also set up event tracking for you with the help of Google Tag Manager and adapt Google Analytics to your requirements.

Our services as a Google Analytics agency

We support you both in setting up data views, and making your Google Analytics account fit in the following areas:

Start now with SaphirSolution

We will make your Google Analytics account fit. Contact us now for an initial discussion on how we can support you in the area of Google Analytics. We look forward to your call!

By installing the Google Analytics tracking code on your website, you can:

• Analyze user behavior on your website

• Assess your online marketing performance

• Evaluate and optimize online campaigns

• Measure target achievements

• Make data-driven decisions

• Make your website user-friendly

• Track the customer journey

A Google Analytics agency supports customers in the professional implementation of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager and sets up successful e-commerce tracking. Experienced Google Analytics specialists can advise you and support you with the implementation of tracking codes. They develop customized dashboards with the data and KPIs that are important for you.

The multitude of functions makes it very difficult for inexperienced user to navigate through the web analysis tool correctly. Find out how good is your current implementation, identify weaknesses and errors with a Google Analytics audit. Setting up a valid database gives you security and reliability and allows you to make data-driven decisions. A Google Analytics agency advises you and sets up the most important website goals and KPIs for you.

Get in touch with the agency’s Google Analytics expert in order to test their knowledge. Google Analytics experts regularly attend conferences and educate themselves. Some write blog articles or share their knowledge in webinars and lectures. They are very familiar with the tool and have learned many tricks and tricks from many years of experience. Many companies lack these resources. They are able to quickly identify issues and work efficiently to solve them thanks to a high level of expertise.

• Which marketing channels are efficient?

• How many users visit your website?

• How long do visitors stay on your website and which pages do they visit the most?

• From which cities or states do visitors come to your website?

• How old are the website visitors?

• What is the percentage of visits from mobile phones?

• Which links do visitors use to find your website?

• What did users type into Google Search before landing on your website?

•Which downloads are used?

• How often is the contact form accessed and how often is it sent?

• Which call-to-action buttons are clicked?

These are some sample questions which you can find answers to in Google Analytics. We would be happy to help you determine the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are important to you.

That very much depends on what kind of assistance you need. It is not possible to reliably determine specific costs in advance. It depends on the scope of the services to be provided. In order to determine the costs, we as an agency must first get to know you and your website in order to be able to make an assessment.

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