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The new Facebook Shops

A new Facebook feature helps customers discover your products by offering them an easy buying experience. The Facebook Shop is an e-commerce portal that adapts to the customers’ needs. Selected products are displayed in collections format without the user having to leave Facebook or Instagram. This means that there are no links to other pages, but the purchase takes place immediately via Facebook or Instagram. The shop can be found on the Facebook or Instagram page, as well as on Instagram stories and advertisement posts.

In this blog post we will explain to you how to set up a Facebook shop as well as its advantages. Have fun while reading!

Before you start, you must receive a Facebook Shop usability confirmation email. If necessary, you must set up a commerce account in the Commerce Manager which allows you to create collections presenting the products to the customers. 

Setup Conditions

In order to be able to set up a Facebook and/or an Instagram shop, certain conditions must be met.

Facebook shop – conditions

You must be on the admin page connected to the pre-existing Facebook Page shop.

You must be an admin in your business manager.

The catalog and Facebook page must be managed on the same Business Manager account.

Instagram shop – conditions

You must be admin on the Facebook page associated with the Instagram Business profile.

You must be the admin of your Business Manager account.

Once you have met these conditions, you can start setting up the shop. This is where the Commerce Manager comes in. The shop must be set up on a computer in three steps:

1. Create a collection. It can contain 6-30 products.

2. Personalize your shop. Choose a collection and personalize the appearance of your shop.

3. Publish your shop. Facebook must review the collection and approve it. The review usually lasts 24 hours.

Facebook shop – advantages

The Facebook Page Shop and/or Instagram Shop will automatically be turned into a Facebook Shop. If your Facebook Shop Page is connected to the Instagram profile, you are able to create a joint shop window on Facebook and Instagram.

Individual designed collections. You assign each collection a name, a description, a title, an image or a video. The products can be divided into different themes making it easier for the customer to find the right one.

Your products and the brand can be optimized for mobile devices. The shop can be found in the Facebook or Instagram app store on Android or Apple devices. A full-screen format draws customers’ attention, while only products that meet the user’s needs are presented.

Complete presence on Facebook and Instagram. The shops are designed uniformly in all apps. If you make changes to the collection, these will be applied directly to both platforms. So you can manage everything in one central place.

Our conclusion

The Facebook shops offer a very good opportunity to address potential customers and to immediately generate conversions via the website. The setup is easy for both new and existing shops.

As a Facebook agency, we are glad to help you set up your shop. Contact us now!

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