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Search engine advertising with Bing

search engine advertising with bing

Unbeatable reasons to advertise with Bing Ads

For many advertisers on the Internet, Bing is still Google’s little, inconspicuous sister. However, this is completely unjustified. Similar to Google AdWords, Bing Ads has a lot to offer. RLSA ads, Bing shopping, and internationalization opportunities: Bing advertising is only behind Google AdWords in one respect: market shares.

In this blog post, you will learn why Bing ads should not be missing from your online marketing portfolio. Here we go!

Growing market share for Bing

For years, Bing‘s market share in terms of search queries has not been comparable to Google’s key figures. Almost 90% of search queries come from Google. But Bing is already in second place with search queries of around 10%. A constant increase in relative market shares is striking. Bing is growing, and with it comes relevance for advertisers in digital marketing.

Intuitive operation thanks to Google AdWords

If you know AdWords, you also know Bing Ads. Intuitive operation is therefore pre-programmed. You can quickly find your way into search engine advertising with Bing.

Better performance with Bing Ads

Less competition means significantly lower click prices. This increases performance in the area of costs per conversion. In most cases, this makes Bing a high-performance and alternative channel in the area of search engine ads.


Bing remarketing ads give you the opportunity to retarget website customers. Similar to Google RLSA ads, Bing RLSA ads allow you to target customers on the search network with higher bids. A feature that can lead to more deals.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a successful advertising format for online shops. The same applies to Bing shopping. Bing Shopping is the decal of Google Shopping with, according to experience, more performance. From our point of view, Bing Shopping belongs in every online shop’s marketing portfolio.

International search engine ads

The ads can also be internationalized with Bing advertising. Talk to customers in other countries and reach more potential customers!

Bing Ads Extension

With Bing Ads, you can also reach the ads with further information about products and communicate the unique selling points of your products and services even better.

Campaign import

A nice feature of Bing Ads is that you can simply import your Google AdWords ads into Bing Ads.

Conclusion: Bing advertising as an alternative to Google AdWords

Bing ads should no longer only be smiled at. They also offer advertising opportunities like Google AdWords and help you be found better online in the Bing search engine. We would be happy to explain to you in a first, non-binding conversation how you can use search engine ads profitably with our help as a Bing Ads agency! Feel free to contact SaphirSolution, your search engine agency, without obligation. We look forward to your inquiry!

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