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Google AdWords and its advantages

google adwords advantages

Digital advertising: Google AdWords advantages

Google AdWords is a high-performance PPC channel for advertisers. The search engine advertising channel has a number of benefits for the advertiser that we would like to explore in more detail in this post. Your goal is to make money. And online marketing with Google AdWords offers opportunities to compare the sales generated with the costs incurred.

In addition to the performance-oriented use of the budget, branding effects via the Google AdWords channel should not be neglected. Google AdWords, for example, offers the possibility of long-term cost-sales ratio control (CUR) . With this optimization strategy, the assignable net sales are directly related to the costs incurred. The aim of this control strategy is to set up a profitable AdWords account.

8 basic advantages of Google AdWords:

Full cost control

Google AdWords accounts can be limited by daily and campaign budgets. In addition, the ads can be displayed at certain times of the day, so you have full cost control with Google AdWords. In addition, performance-oriented control is possible via the KUR.

New customer acquisition

With Google AdWords, you can reach users who didn’t know you or who didn’t know you either. The Google search engine brings supply and demand together at this point.


The advertiser has maximum flexibility when placing the ad. Ads can be designed freely and further enhanced with ad extensions.

continuous customer journey

There is no media disruption in the customer journey. The potential new customer comes directly to the intended landing page via the AdWords ad and can carry out the conversion there.


The budgets spent on Google AdWords are measurable and traceable. The high measurability enables a detailed allocation of the costs to the achieved net sales or net leads.


Google AdWords makes you visible. The increasing visibility only has to be paid for when a click occurs.

Transparent investment costs

You get what you see. Detailed billing based on CPC ensures transparent investments in company growth.


Internationalization with AdWords is also possible quickly. Campaigns can be run for different languages and geographic targets.

Conclusion for Google AdWords Advantages

Google AdWords is a high-performance online marketing channel that belongs in every online marketing strategy. With Google AdWords, you have access to the Google advertising network and thus benefit from the opportunity to advertise your brand, your service, or your products globally. Use our free AdWords Check to find out if your AdWords account is on the right track. We look forward to your inquiry!

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