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Content marketing strategy for lasting results

content marketing strategy for lasting results

Content Marketing Strategy: A Guide to Creation

Content marketing can be a significant unique selling proposition for companies. With high-quality content that is relevant to the target group, companies have the opportunity to position themselves in the hearts of the target group and increase their visibility not only on social media but also in search engines such as Google or Bing.

In this blog post, we would like to show you which factors you should pay attention to when creating the content marketing strategy in order to create successful content for your company and to use the existing budget for content marketing in the best possible way.

The well-founded and coherent content marketing strategy

In the age of Web 4.0, the content marketing strategy should be part of the overall marketing plan. Assets should be defined here that can be used as part of the content marketing strategy. Not only the actual content is decisive, but also the format of the created content.

A huge plus in terms of content marketing strategy is the ability to generate synergies. You can not only use the content created in content production on your own website, but also in secondary media such as social media channels or other owned media channels. The aim should be to maximize the resources invested in content creation through content recycling.

Where does the content marketing strategy start?

First of all, we should clarify which problems and challenges the content marketing strategy addresses and which tasks it fulfills in the online marketing mix. Above all, the following questions should be answered:

+ For whom should content be created? And which medium should we use for this?
+ Which problems / challenges concern our target group?
+ What could differentiate our content from that of the competition?
+ Which media formats should we use to make our content marketing more efficient?
+ Through which channels should the content seeding take place?
+ What processes do we need to create new content efficiently and effectively?

By answering the following questions, you will get a first, decisive impression of the possible course of action in the field of content marketing and, above all, the objective of content marketing. The goals in content marketing define the strategy and the operational implementation to achieve the corresponding goals.

Define the content marketing strategy

In order to operate content marketing successfully and in a goal-oriented manner, a strategy definition is required in order to recognize unused potential and to operate one’s own content marketing professionally. In order to operate content marketing, we have created and compiled some tips for you from our practice regarding the content marketing strategy definition.

Content Marketing Strategy Tip 1: Never start without a goal!

What do you want to achieve with your content marketing? You don’t do content marketing for the sake of content marketing? Which goals should be achieved? Would you like to reach more users on your own pages or actually go into lead acquisition? The tactical measures in content marketing and the integration into the online marketing mix follow the objective .

The following objectives can be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timebound):

+ double the absolute traffic via content marketing within 1 year
+ increase the conversion rate by 20% within a quarter.

Content Marketing Strategy Tip 2: Better understanding of the target group!

In online marketing, our users are often numbers, and marketers find it difficult to understand the target group. This is where the so-called buyer personas come to the rescue. These help to divide the heterogeneous target groups into up to six homogeneous sub-target groups.

The goal is better ads / better content through higher target group relevance. As part of the buyer personas, you also think about the fears and problems of the respective personas, which can then be worked on in a targeted manner in the content to be created.

Content marketing strategy tip 3: a content audit of your own content

Treasures often slumber in the basement. It is no different with content marketing; here, it can happen that there is content lying dormant in your content stock that can be reactivated with a little “love”. It is also often a good idea to recycle content and create an eBook from existing blog posts, for example. In our agency, we are big fans of giving existing content a new look and thus achieving a significantly better result with little effort.

Content Marketing Strategy Tip 4: On the constant search

Good content marketing managers are restless—always looking for new content that has the potential to be relevant to the target group. The following procedures can help fill the existing editorial plan with additional helpful content:

+ Competitive analysis: Sometimes it pays to look left and right; many competitors also do good content marketing. With professional online marketing tools like XOVI, the competitive values can be read out and content identified that is often shared on social media and can be easily found in the search engines.

+ Keyword research: Another way to identify content that is of great interest to your own target group is classic SEO keyword research. You will quickly recognize content and developments where it makes sense to create your own content on the specific topic.

Content Marketing Strategy Tip 5: Formats, formats, formats

In what form do you want to communicate with the customer? – Which formats achieve the necessary reach? You should address this question early on, because nothing is more annoying than relying on the wrong format. You can use the following formats as part of your content marketing strategy:

+ Blog Posts / Advisory Texts
+ eBooks / white papers
+ Templates (to download)
+ Infographics
+ Webinars
+ Videos
+ Podcast
+ Instructions
+ Case Studies
+ Slideshares
+ and much more…

Different formats bring the content to life and create more “excitement” when consuming it. Consciously rely on different formats and benefit from the variety in the form of higher media consumption.

Content Marketing Strategy Tip 6: Stay up-to-date

When it comes to your content, differentiate between “evergreen” content, i.e., content that is highly relevant over a long period of time and always remains up-to-date, and event-based content that has a significantly shorter half-life. The mix makes the difference afterwards. With the current content, you can create relevance in the short term and benefit from a lot of attention.

Knowing full well that interest is gradually leveling off. Another variant is evergreen content, i.e., content that always works. In order to be competitive here, you should put a lot of effort into creating the content that will be found in the search engines.

Content Marketing Strategy Tip 7: Content Marketing Plan

The content marketing plan manifests the content marketing strategy. It defines which content can be published at what time and at what intervals. It is the central document for targeted content marketing, since the seeding of the respective content is also regulated via the platform.

Conclusion on the content marketing strategy

As so often in everyday business, the crux of content marketing lies at the beginning. Get started now and make your first experiences in the field of content distribution and benefit from incoming customer inquiries and competitive advantages that nobody will copy for you so quickly.

As an online marketing agency, we would be happy to support you in creating your content marketing strategy and show you the possibilities of actually optimizing your existing content. Simply contact our content marketing experts. We are looking forward to your contact!

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