Amazon alternatives: do they even exist?

amazon alternatives

Amazon achieved annual sales of approximately USD 280 billion in 2019, employs more than 800,000 people, and is constantly growing, making it the largest online retailer in the world. In the press, however, Amazon has been doing less well of late. Among other things, the working conditions in the shipping centres of the Internet giant and […]

eBay SEO – get started with Cassini search algorithm

ebay seo

eBay started out as an auction platform and has evolved over time into a marketplace with mostly fixed prices. The platform is now the second-largest marketplace in the world, and therefore, it is imperative for many sellers to sell there. eBay uses Cassini search algorithm for SEO. eBay has been using its own Cassini search algorithm […]

Amazon support: How to sell properly


Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world and has long since ceased to be an insider tip when it comes to selling products online. In Germany alone, there are over 18 million Amazon Prime customers who regularly pay to have their orders delivered faster. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to sell products on Amazon. The customer […]

Sell ​​handmade products online – we’ll show you how it’s done

online shopping animation

Many people discover their creativity and talent by chance or by accident while pursuing hobbies and crafts with their children or by renovating their home. The idea of ​​turning talent into a handmade business often comes spontaneously. Online trade is booming like never before due to Corona times. So why not sell your handmade products […]