Content marketing strategy for lasting results

content marketing strategy for lasting results

Content Marketing Strategy: A Guide to Creation Content marketing can be a significant unique selling proposition for companies. With high-quality content that is relevant to the target group, companies have the opportunity to position themselves in the hearts of the target group and increase their visibility not only on social media but also in search […]

Keyword Research 2.0: Search Intent Analysis

keyword research search intention

More performance with search intention analysis Classic keyword research focuses on KPIs such as search volume, click prices, and the competition that prevails with this keyword. Good keywords have a high search volume and a low click price as a result of low competition. Such keywords are exciting for search engine optimization , as they can be used to generate […]

Unlock Your Potential with Campaign and Content Playbooks

Content Marketing

Campaign and content playbooks are comprehensive guides that outline the strategy, tactics, and messaging for a specific marketing campaign or content creation effort. These playbooks include information on the target audience, messaging, channels, and timelines. The purpose of using a campaign or content playbook is to increase efficiency, maintain consistency across all marketing materials, and improve return […]