Tips for setting up an online shop

Setting up an online shop is an efficient way to tackle the eCommerce segment with your company. Increasing digitization as well as the corona pandemic have led to more and more companies expanding their business with an online shop or relying entirely on digital sales channels. Opening your own online shop has several advantages, for […]

Shopware subshop – what is it actually?

Shopware subshop – what is it actually? Shopware has three different types of shops. The main shop, language shops and subshops. The main store is the primary store, or the first store you create.  If you want to offer your main shop in another language, you have to create a language shop. A language shop […]

LinkedIn ─ our tips for your B2B marketing

LinkedIn is considered the largest business network in the world. The importance of the platform for B2B marketing is constantly growing, as it keeps developing itself through the continuous introduction of new features. In this blog post, we will explain to you why you should start with LinkedIn Marketing and how you can best integrate […]

Social Media Marketing – understand strategy and processes

What is social media marketing and what do we need it for? Many businesses are still asking themselves this question, although social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and co. have been omnipresent for many years. Social media is more than just sharing and liking an image every now and then, it is also a useful […]

The basis for successful marketing – 5 steps to a perfect target group analysis

The primary goal in marketing is to reach as many relevant users with as few resources as possible. In order to achieve this goal you should determine who are the relevant users by carrying out a target group analysis. For this purpose, the overall market is analyzed and categorized based on various characteristics. In this […]

Understanding Google BigQuery: The ultimate tool for marketing analytics

What is Google BigQuery? As a marketing manager, you are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve your marketing strategies. BigQuery is one of the most important tools for effective marketing analysis. But what exactly is BigQuery and for what purposes can it be useful? BigQuery is a Google Cloud Platform data warehouse service that […]

Sell ​​handmade products online – we’ll show you how it’s done

Many people discover their creativity and talent by chance or by accident while pursuing hobbies and crafts with their children or by renovating their home. The idea of ​​turning talent into a handmade business often comes spontaneously. Online trade is booming like never before due to Corona times. So why not sell your handmade products […]

Alternative Search Engines

When we talk about search engines or search engine optimization (SEO), we immediately think of Google. Google dominates the German search engine market with a market share of around 84% for desktop searches and around 97% for mobile searches. However, there are many alternative search engines that have just as much to offer. You can […]

Successful SEO optimization for your website

Do you usually wonder how to get the attention of users who are significantly interested in the products or services on your website? Or how to keep these prospects on your website? You will get the answer in the following blog post. We will explain to you how to take advantage of your website potential […]

What is Google Analytics 4 and why should businesses use GA4?

What is Google Analytics 4? Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the latest version of Google Analytics powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. GA4 offers a variety of new features and options to help companies analyze their website activity. Why should companies use Google Analytics 4? GA4 offers businesses many benefits compared to previous versions.  […]