Set up Facebook / Instagram shop

The new Facebook Shops A new Facebook feature helps customers discover your products by offering them an easy buying experience. The Facebook Shop is an e-commerce portal that adapts to the customers’ needs. Selected products are displayed in collections format without the user having to leave Facebook or Instagram. This means that there are no […]

Successful with Pinterest advertising: tips and tricks for businesses

In this blog post we want to show you tips and tricks on how to work successfully with Pinterest advertising. We will provide an introduction to Pinterest marketing and show you how to optimize your pins to make them more visible to users and search engines. We will also show you how you can use […]

Google Ads Extensions

When you run ads on Google Search, you obviously want them to be seen. The more visibility, the better. Since meaningful titles and texts alone are often not enough to make your ads more eye-catching and visible, you should add extensions to them. Ad extensions affect the size of your ads, which has a positive […]